Emmanuel Macron delved into his country’s imperial past, saying France’s territorial conquests were a mistake that should be fixed – including by welcoming African countries reforming the colonial-era franc.

France was often viewed as having a “hegemonic view and the trappings of colonialism, which was a grave mistake and a fault of the Republic, Macron proclaimed as he toured Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire), once a French colony and now the world’s leading cocoa producer.

Macron’s visit to Africa comes as eight countries, all members of the Economic Community of West African States, are reforming the CFA franc to ensure a common currency for the whole 15-country bloc.

The CFA franc, also known as Franc of the Financial Community of Africa (originally called Franc of the French Colonies in Africa), is a post-WWII currency used in eight countries. It was tied first to the French franc and then the euro.

The new currency, called ECO, will spell the end of France’s colonial legacy – there will no longer be a French official in its decision-making bodies. But the currency will remain linked to the euro.

Macron had made similar references to France’s past even before the start of his presidency. Back in 2017, he triggered a firestorm by calling the French conquest of Algeria “a crime against humanity.”

France has to apologize to those who had fallen victim to these “truly barbarous” acts, he said at the time. However, his subsequent endeavors in former French colonies were seemingly less progressive as planned.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Pigs In Space
Pigs In Space
05-01-21 14:01

They should have never been lured into talks in the first place. Get those French military forces out of Africa and send those mining companies to the tax collectors?