Operation Zionist government (SIG) is the former Soviet strategy of using the Middle East conflict as a means of turning the world against the West and ushering in World Communism.

The operation uses “friendlies” on both sides of the Arab/Israeli conflict to build up the American backed Zionist oppression narrative as a perceived continuation of Western colonialism.


The strategy involves Israel allowing itself to be used as the bad guy as a means of framing the West for its crimes in the region.

SIG also allows for continued Russian domination of Israel and the Middle East, with leaders in all countries in on the plan. SIG is paving the way for the coming Eurasianist World Communist Order.

This agitation of the Muslim world achieves several key goals for Jewish world Imperium. It makes possible the potential for creating Islamic terrorism, which can then be used in false flag attacks around the world, not just in Islamic countries.



This terrorist threat can be exported to virtually any Russian satellite or through its criminal network in the West—all the more so when Israel and double agents within Western intelligence are providing cover for the export.

With authentic terrorist attacks, it serves by keeping the Jewish people (at home and abroad) in a constant state of fear and in subjugation to their Pharisaic Jewish leaders (as the Protocols of Zion presciently revealed over 100 years ago.


Their antisemitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren. The wave of modern terrorism also has the benefit of providing a pretext for Western countries to bring in oppressive police measures on the general population.

This also benefits the technocracy aspect of Jewish global conquest: non-stop surveillance, smart grid, environmentalism [also Soviet controlled], etc.).



By linking the West to Jewish oppression of the Arab world, the West is discredited and demonized to the Arab world, leaving Muslims sympathetic to Soviet expansionism in the Arab world (Arab oil, among other things) and in the West (including in Ukraine and Europe).

This demoralization of the West only fuels more indignant Muslim radicals to commit terrorism and/or join Russo-Jude-controlled false flag capers like ISIS, Al Qaeda, ISIL, etc. in Western countries.



To moderate Muslims, agitation pits them against the West and even their own Arab leaders (who are mostly KGB assets, like Assad in Syria), because Soviet propaganda has moderates believing that Israel and the West are behind Jihadist groups, which is partially true.

Essentially, this is the driving force behind the Balkanization of the Arab world: moderates against radicals, radicals against the West and Israel, moderates and radicals against their own government—just constant infighting.

That’s been the Russian-Jewish strategy since Israel was founded in 1948 (Israel’s legitimacy was first officially recognized by the Soviet Union).



Finally, with this constant fracturing and splintering of Islamic states, displaced Muslims are left fleeing to the West, which furthers the Russo-Judeo Kalergi plan of diluting white, Western, Christian nations with Muslims, blacks, Asians, etc. in order to create a massive mongrel slave class—primed for a technocratic Orwellian clamp down.

Western liberals, who should be more opposed to Islamic immigration than anyone (due to Sharia), have been tricked into supporting the Islamic invasion of the West because they perceive Israeli oppression of the Islamic world as being part of British-American colonialism, which they hate far more than Sharia law.



Colonialism, however liberals perceive it, is considered the greatest evil in history. Therefore, they feel a sense of guilt and sympathy to the perceived plight of the Islamic world.

This Leftist perception did not come about by accident. It was planned this way. Now, Leftists are falling for the gambit and cheer-leading the Kalergi plan.


The perception of Russia as the anti-Zionist hero of the Middle East and as an Orthodox Christian ethno state serves the final goal of hoodwinking the last bastion of opposition to global communism: Western nationalists/conservatives.

Win them over and it’s game over. This is where we are at today. The Russia and the Trump regime are all about streamlining conservative/nationalist sentiment into communist hands in Russia.

The Western Left is already Marxist; all that is left is to honeypot conservatives and anti-communists. This goal is almost a done deal, as most in the alt media and in the nationalist cause are pro-Russia, pro-Trump. What the Jewry does next remains to be seen.


Hopefully, you can see how both Eurasianist Russia and Israel benefit from anti-Zionism.

Leftist anti-Zionism has gotten us nowhere and really, has done little to harm Israel itself, sure, judging by the anti BDS legislation, you can see the BDS movement has agitated Jews in the West.

However it has done very little to harm the Jewish state. It has served as a pretext for our Zionist occupied government to further hinder free speech and take away our rights. In the long run, the anti Zionist movement has only played into World Jewry’s hands.


Russia plays the good cop while Israel/the West play the bad cop. The bad cop pushes the Arab world into the seemingly loving arms of the good cop.

Which serves the long range judo-Bolshevist strategy of Balkanizing the Arab world and putting Arabs behind an Iron Curtain.

There are so many disinformation agents spreading lies about the Middle East, I hope my reader’s now have a better understanding on the reality of what lies ahead and how much of what we are seeing is theater directed by the Moscow-New York-Tel Aviv triangle.

Renegade Tribune / Timothy Fitzpatrick /ABC Flash Point Blog News 2022.

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27-10-22 06:23

Interesting but viewers have got to realise where the article originates –the Renegade Tribune very far right American supremacist organisation led by Kyle Hunt whose birthday is next month . I do support an open website like Cosmos Chronicle because it isn’t scared to put up various political views as over the decades I tried many websites from the far left to far right to get a deeper understanding of their thinking processes to see if I agreed with any . I came to the conclusion that the far left and far right had one thing in common – the… Read more »

Reply to  Donnchadh
27-10-22 12:17

Various political views is the basic narrative for this site, mostly in an attempt to get Google out of the equation in some extention, as they block this website from top to bottom because of its main proposed sequel. Luckily its as small website and can keep itself under the bigger radar for now?

Reply to  Valkry
28-10-22 06:31

I was wondering why –no RE-capcha – Google owned . Here is a true story — I joined a supposedly pro Russian website ,it was downmarket -bedroom hacker level of conversation but its got a big audience . I tried for several months to lift the conversation to at least an intelligent level BUT I started getting blocked by Google RE capcha- first ticking pictures then blocked so I used a VPN /Tor which worked for a while but what I never figured out was those running the website wanted it kept at a low level of intellectualism – swearing… Read more »

Dream Killer
Dream Killer
Reply to  baronmaya
29-10-22 10:22

First it was Go-Daddy that totally destroyed nearly 10.000 articles from this website and now this evil censorship continues under a new disguise?