Israel has offered to join the US police mission against Iran in the Strait of Hormuz, reporting that participating in the initiative will improve its relationship with the Gulf Arab states.

The US regime has had trouble drumming up support for its maritime policing initiative in the Persian Gulf, where Iran largely controls one of the world’s most important shipping routes.

Australia has yet to respond to Washington’s invitation to join the anti-Iran club, while Germany has declined to sign on, seeking to avoid further escalation in the region and warning against trying to find a “military solution” to the standoff.

Among European countries, only the UK has been eager to send its military into the midst of the tensions, deploying two warships to the region after seizing an Iranian tanker near Gibraltar and having one of its own tankers seized in the Strait of Hormuz.

Israeli foreign minister Yisrael Katz, warned last month that Tel-Aviv must be ready to strike Iran in the case of any “mistaken calculations,” piling on the pressure after an Iranian official warned that a US attack would mean “only half an hour will remain of Israel’s lifespan”

PM Benjamin Netanyahu suggested the Israeli Navy might take action to block Iranian oil shipments and called on the international community to combat any attempts by Tehran to evade US sanctions, but no official moves in that direction have been made.

Israeli intelligence was reportedly behind the US decision to fill the Persian Gulf with military assets, starting back in May.

A carrier strike group, a bomber task force, several missile batteries, and thousands of soldiers have been deployed to the region, looking for all the world like the buildup to war despite the Trump administration’s insistence that these are merely defensive moves meant to counter Iranian aggression.

Israel also took credit for convincing Trump to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, and Netanyahu has been claiming for over a decade that Tehran is just months away from building a nuclear bomb.

The only country in the Middle East allowed to have nuclear, chemical and biological weapons is Zionist Israel, which is now complaining about others to join the elite group of nuclear powers?

Syria was the only Arab country to have had a chemical stockpile in the Middle East, and we saw what happened to them after surrendering these WMD (weapon of mass destruction) to the Western hypocritical warmongers.

RT. com / AB Canada Flash Point News 2019.

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22-02-20 10:52

Israel initiated ……….?