Israel’s Defense Ministry announced the incorporation of a new tank into its Armored Corps on Tuesday, claiming it operates with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

In the Hebrew Bible, Barak was the name of an audacious ruler and military commander who led an attack against Canaanite forces at the city of Hazor. The word also means lightning in Hebrew.

Media reported several advanced capabilities comprise the new “super tank’s” functionality, including enhanced targeting systems, improved firing abilities that allow precise targeting in daylight and at night, radios, and night vision cameras.

Artificial intelligence augments functions such as the targeting system, which Israel claims synthesizes data processing and independent scanning abilities.

The technology assists each of the tank’s four operators in completing their tasks while also offering additional information about surroundings and opposition forces nearby. An advanced missile system and high-tech helmet for the tank’s commander is also featured.

I extend great appreciation to the engineers and professionals of MANTAK, the Ground Forces, and all those involved in this project.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly finding use in military applications, augmenting functions such as target recognition and route finding.

Iran recently unveiled AI-powered miniature tank robots and has claimed to produce drones that utilize the technology. Meanwhile, the US Army has developed remote-controlled ships utilizing AI.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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