The very well connected ISIS terror group is now planning to use drones to spread deadly viruses across Middle East, Africa, Europe and America, according to the EU’s counter-terrorism unit?

Gilles de Kerchove, the unit’s coordinator, says CIA-backed groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS are now able to construct special biological weapons as part of a new strategy of attack the world?

He warned that an article on how to process a virus in your mom’s kitchen could be next for the Zionist terror organizations – and drones could then be used to spread such infections.

Speaking at the same conference, Theresa May’s deputy national security adviser, Patrick McGuinness, described the internet as “the front line”.

Millions of Muslims have fallen victim to the new terror plots, since the Arab Spring suddenly emerged in 2010.

The only country in the world, that has no security issues with ISIS, is Israel. The Jewish regime has never had any problems with ISIS attacks on their soil.

News Punch / ABC Flash Point Terror News 2019.

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