Iraqi lawmakers are to adopt legislation to terminate the security agreement with the USA. During the next session, the parliament will work on the bill that would include the end of the military agreement with the United States.

The Iraqi government will also end of the presence of the US military and other foreign military trainers and advisers in Iraq.

The statement comes amid US President Donald Trump’s recent comment that Washington wants to keep its troops in Iraq so that the USA could keep a close eye on Iran.

The Iraqi deputy speaker went on to slam Trump’s “provocative” statement, saying that it grossly violates Iraq’s sovereignty and constitution.

The Trump administration reinstated sanctions against Iran following the former’s withdrawal from the 2015 JCPOA treaty in May. The first round of evil sanctions came into force in August, followed by a second round on November 5, 2018.

However, all other parties to the nuclear deal have disagreed with the US decision.

According to the CBS interview, some of the forces moving out of Syria will go to Iraq, where they can monitor any resurgence of ISIS or other militant groups?

This means even more US troops in Iraq, instead of less military forces occupying the Arab oil-rich country in the Middle east.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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03-06-20 00:51

The US regime cannot betrusted, they just do what they want to in order to get all the oil they are after?