At a moment the Persian Gulf is heating up given the highest tensions, the US military and Israel are threatening Iran and forcing evil embargo’s upon the Islamic country in order to destroy is economy.

According to the Anglo Zio-Nazi swamp, Tehran is running the high risk gambit of restarting its crude oil transfers to Syria.

Most of Syria’s oil fields and refineries (80%) have all been invaded and are now occupied by the US military forces and their proxy terrorist brigades dubbed ISIS.

The Iranian ghost oil tankers sail under the radar to avoid being detected by the Zio spy agencies. Earlier during the war on Syria, ISIS sold oil to Israel and the USA, using the same tactics.

Tanker-tracking firms believe Iran is once again shipping crude oil to Syria, resuming the ‘US sanctioned’ trade as tensions with Washington rise and the Islamic Republic faces increasing international isolation.

Specifically a one million barrel delivery was reportedly made through the Syrian port of Baniyas in early May, the first since the end of 2018.

Washington has in recent months ramped up it’s war crimes targeted sanctions against Syrian oil imports, causing the worse fuel crisis in Syria’s modern history.

These evil restrictions resulted in a “lifeless” and “decimated economy” with cars lined up for miles, sometimes waiting for days for a simple gas fill-up.

Ironically even after seven years of massive bloodshed, as the government has emerged victorious, it is only now with relative stability and ensuing calm over most of the country that an “economic siege” has hit the population with full force.

A bustling traffic-packed economic center for its six million inhabitants, Damascus has been plunged into a fuel crisis by the US coalitions evil embargo’s.

This is the result of new US-led oil sanctions, including occupying targeting Syrian oil fields Damascus and Tehran.

Washington has recently vowed to cut off both Iranian exports and any and all Syrian imports of crude by force.

Analysts have widely predicted that Iran will step up efforts to ship oil into Syria and neighboring Iraq as the U.S. makes it more difficult for Tehran to transfer oil to its few remaining customers, including China, India and Turkey. / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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Loko Loko
13-03-21 22:34

The Americans that are stealing the Syrian oil, forced an embargo on the government in Damascus to strangle the Arab Republic to death.