How the Lawyers destroyed American Society and Corporate Attorneys devastated the Planet. The Legal Profession has enabled the destruction of the American Republic from within.

Bad lawyers and unscrupulous attorneys-at-law have infested every business and industry, every government and non-profit, every field of endeavor and walk of life to the final detriment of them all.

Did you know that BAR-registered attorneys-at-law were once barred from running for political office in the USA? The Missing 13th Amendment: No Lawyers Allowed In Public Office

Nevertheless, the legal profession eventually overran Washington and took over virtually every powerful office and influential position in sight.

Truly, the legal profession has undermined American society like none other. In fact the vast majority of elective offices at the national level are held by current BAR-registered lawyers or previously practicing attorneys.

Hence, it is important to bear in mind that most members of Congress are BAR-registered lawyers just as the highest level positions within the Executive Branch are held by lawyers. Of course, the entire Supreme Court is constituted with ex-judges who were BAR-registered lawyers.

Now many will say that surely there are other professional groups which have inflicted more damage on the USA.

For instance, look at how the doctors have ruined healthcare. Others might point to the way that real estate developers are looking to tear up every square inch of the country.

Almost everyone agrees that the scientists have really wrecked the world by creating the efficient means to do so.

Then there is the religious clergy — priests and ministers, rabbis and imams — who are often accused of corrupting the major monotheistic faiths of the world. Many even assert that this is where the original problems really started.

With the profound cracks in the religious and philosophical foundations of society, the legal profession (via the political class) would then feel empowered to legislate immoral laws and unethical statutes, self-serving rules and frivolous regulations.

Certainly corporations like Monsanto and Dow Chemical, BP and Halliburton, Walmart and Coca Cola have done far more harm to the health of individuals and families, businesses and communities alike.

Who would disagree with the extent to which Corporate America has done damage to the nation? The BP Gulf oil spill is just one example of how a single super major oil company can destroy an entire body of water.

In other words the highfalutin outcomes that often make the front page of the newspapers are actually the product of pressure being applied by those who have the most sensitive and/or damaging information.

Legislation that is passed and laws that are made, therefore, frequently have nothing to do the foundational documents like the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights. Nor do they have connection to common law, natural law or scriptural law.

Because of this vast disconnect, America has become a lawless nation. The USA has literally descended into such a chaotic condition of legal anarchy that the very republic is under extreme threat.

At the end of the day it will be the lawyers and attorneys, politicians and lobbyists who have contributed to the greatest degree to America’s demise. Because of how easily compromised they have become over several decades, the current state of affairs could not be avoided.

The American people made their first major mistakes by investing so much power in the town lawyer … in the local attorney.

They made an even bigger error by elevating them into all the positions of power throughout the land.

Truly, there is no greater disaster that the United States of America is now facing than the treason lawyers and traitorous attorneys who pretend to be advocates of We the People.

The Millennium Report / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Lady Shadow
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