Black Hole Zoo media, derailed blocked and censored by evil Anglo-Zio-Nazi NGO entities like Google and Facebook wished you a happy 2020, under the new name of Cosmos Chronicle.

The world news as we know is based on distraction and hypocrisy as their basic misleading diplomacy. This helps the corporate swamp and global banks to steal our taxpayers money, and in order to turn our jobs into cheap labor factories.

We want to reveal those malfunctions, so the real hardworking people in this world are able to read and understand what they are entitled of knowing to absorb and deserve honest treatment.

The global media is run and ruled by Khazarian mobster and fake Jew Rupert Murdoch. He does the dirty work to fool and mislead the audience, so the global Zionist run corporations and banks are able to rake in huge profits and even get government subsidies to do so.

The other 3 members of the global empire are the Rothschild banking family whom own all the central banks in the world, except those of North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Russia and Hungary.

The oil industry is dominated and controlled by Rockefeller (Chevron), while the global diamond business is managed by he Oppenheimer’s.

The chemical section (including major polluting plastics) is ruled by the DuPont family branch. And with this construction the global elite keeps their reign together. The media makes sure nobody gets the right information for the filthy rich to stay in their comfort zone.

Jeffry Epstein was the gangs pimp to keep people in high positions under the Zionist umbrella. He was married to Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of murdered Robert Maxwell, who mysteriously drowned while on his yacht.

ABC Flash Point Zionist News 2020.

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19-07-21 01:08

The year the Corona scam killed a lot of smaller businesses around the world, for the bigger ones to scoop up their markets?