According to US lawmakers, Boeing planned to wait three years to fix the defective Angle of Attack disagree warning light on its 737 MAX, and rushed to fix it after the first deadly Lion Air 737-MAX crash.

Boeing came to know the defect in 2017, but decided to defer fixing it until 2020, said the U.S. Congressmen Peter DeFazio and Rick Larsen in a press release on Friday.

The AoA disagree warning light, alerts pilots when two sensors measuring the Angle of Attack are not giving the same readings, meaning something’s faulty.

Boeing has said, that its engineers discovered that the AOA Disagree warning light was not functioning within months of the plane’s 2017 debut, but they decided to update on the MAX-10’s debut in 2020.

Boeing spokesman Gordon Johndroe said by email that based on the safety review, that We fell short in the implementation of the AoA Disagree alert and are taking steps to address these issues so they do not occur again.”

News in Flight / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Five Eyes
27-01-23 00:51

Very irresponsible behavior?