Google has choke hold on all human information” and maintains an evil, twisted agenda to destroy human dignity and ERASE human knowledge in our current system of online lawlessness.

An information monopoly, if you will, Google is right now getting away with murder when it comes to its involvement in trying to silence truth on the internet.

Not surprisingly there’s no indication from Attorney General William Barr or anyone else in the current administration that anything is going to be done anytime soon about this substantial and growing problem.

We can’t have a democracy in a country with a company like Google, because Google is interfering with people’s ability to access truthful and honest information that isn’t skewed in favor of politics that Google supports.

Google blames “robots” for censoring truth, but unless you consider liberal humans to be “robots,” this is a bald-faced lie.

The Wall Street Journal published a massive exposé on how actual humans are manipulating Google’s search results, effectively blowing the lid on the lies recently spoken by Google CEO Sundar Pichai before Congress.

Google is controlled by human beings, and the so-called algorithm is written by people with subjective views on things.

Fake news outlets circulate constant “nonsense” in an attempt to distract their viewers and the public at large from focusing on substantive issues, such as pharmaceutical drug overdoses, human trafficking, and illegal alien gang violence.

News Target Company / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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26-04-20 22:22

And they have the ability to block and censor everything you read?

Reply to  baronmaya
12-01-21 12:33

Including other tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, You Tube and the Facebook networks that are more powerful as governments on this derailed planet?