German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has demanded that Russia and Belarus be banned from the Euro 2024 football tournament, according to Der Spiegel. The magazine reports that the official has written to UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin on the matter.

Germany is set to host the competition for the first time as a united entity, although West Germany staged the 1988 tournament.

Three weeks ahead of the draw for the qualifying groups, which will be held in Frankfurt, the letter reportedly notes how Russia is already banned from international competitions and demands the same treatment for its close ally.

Faeser allegedly argues that Belarus, which has never qualified for a major tournament and played its UEFA Nations League home games in Serbia in June without fans present, should be excluded from all international football matches and tournaments due to its government being essential supporters of the Russian leadership in the ongoing proxy war in Ukraine.

Furthermore, the German politician reportedly added that UEFA should also suspend Russian and Belarusian officials from the influential bodies of international sports federations because football should live up to its responsible role and show a united stance against this form of disregard for human rights?

Faeser’s request from Germany follows a similar move by Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) President Andrey Pavelko, who has requested that Russia be excluded from the qualifying group draw on October 1, 2022.

UEFA and FIFA excluded all Russian teams, including main company sponsorship by Gazprom from international football competitions in February, 2022.

This saw Russia’s men’s team thrown out of contention for the Qatar 2022 World Cup in November, and the women’s team removed from the group phase of the Euro 2022 remarkably won by hosts and fieriest anti Russia campaigner England.

In early May, UEFA then announced that its sanctions would be extended to the 2022/23 season, but it hasn’t yet made any formal statements on whether Russia can take part in Euro 2024 qualifying matches.

In the same statement on the UAF’s website, immensely frustrated Pavelko also repeated calls for UEFA and FIFA to step in and stop a planned friendly between Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina scheduled to take place in St. Petersburg in November, 2022.

RT. com / ABC Flash-Point News 2022.

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18-09-22 11:00

Its amazing how servile Germany is to the USA – completely prepared to crash its economy that WAS — with Russian help — the # 1 economy in Europe –while that is the US,s intention all along – zero economic competition — Where are Germany.s brain cells gone ?? will the Deutsche Folk put up with it –I dont think so this Winter — German “Green ” Party – votes for USA FRACKED LNG not a green party to me but a German Dachshund lap-puppy of the USA.

Antoni Monti
Antoni Monti
18-09-22 12:05

These EU sports events have become monopolies… they get to chose who pays what, who can play, who can’t… probably even who wins….not worth watching without Russian, or other other athletes from countries they consider ‘unfriendly’ … Olympics have become a political joke too…

Reply to  Antoni Monti
18-09-22 12:22

This woman is just another arrogant maw sprouting German superiority and 4th Reich propaganda, because Belarus and Russia ARE and always will be a part of Europe whether the German super race likes it or no! European survival does not depend on NATO protection of German hegemony, but on utterly friendly relations with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, as well as all the south Slavic nations in a unified Europe. Hungary at least has begun to see the light AND Hungary holds the key to this potential peaceful integration and prosperity of Europe. NATO and German arrogance are the spoilers!

18-09-22 12:23

Who cares. We don’t need their 3rd rate international competitions to prove what we already know – that Russian football is the best in the world. We should focus on our domestic league which is the highest standard globally and let the Europeans play with themselves. They are good at that