Germany’s participation in the NATO nuclear sharing initiative only increases the risk of catastrophic miscalculations, since Berlin has no real influence over Washington’s foreign policy decisions.

The Pentagon’s latest Nuclear Posture Review and the development and deployment of low-yield tactical nukes makes it increasingly clear that the US administration no longer sees them as purely defensive weapons of deterrence.

Rolf Mutzenich, the chairman of the SPD parliamentary group that is allied with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling conservatives said his strong opposition to the continued presence of American nukes on German soil was shared by both SPD co-leaders, Norbert Walter-Borjans and Saskia Esken.

Senior coalition partners immediately accused the SPD of populism, with CDU lawmaker Patrick Sensburg expressing concern that statements like this undermine NATO solidarity and partners’ trust in “Germany’s ability to fulfill its future role within the Transatlantic security apparatus.

The SPD is in total nirvana about security policy, The American nuclear weapons serve above all to protect us. However, never in its entire history, Russia attacked Europe. The other way around, Napoleon and Hitler invaded Russia.

It is naive to believe that Germany would have the same influence on NATO’s nuclear strategy if US nuclear weapons were withdrawn.

The US regime has had an estimated 100 nuclear weapons deployed in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and at Buechel Air Base in Germany since the Cold War.

The debate over the nuclear sharing arrangement heated up recently as Berlin seeks to replace its aging fleet of Tornado jets, capable of delivering American bombs, with either Eurofighter Typhoons or US-made Boeing F-18’s.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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07-05-20 15:59

The masters in Washington decide who is in and who is out, in order to destine who gets bombed?