The weird combination of spending very little on their military (because they aren’t really worried about a Russian invasion), and maintaining a high pace of contra-Russian exercises and deployments, has left the Germans with a broken military.

The findings are the latest to underscore problems in the armed forces. Many primary weapons systems in the Bundeswehr are not available for training exercises or deployment, according to a new Defense Ministry study

The number of German weapon systems ready for action are as follows : 

* Eurofighter jet airplanes: 39 of 128
* Tornado jet airplanes: 26 of 93
* CH-53 transport helicopters: 16 of 72
* NH-90 transport helicopters: 13 of 58
* Tiger helicopters: 12 of 62
* A400M transport planes: 3 of 15
* Leopard 2 tanks: 105 of 224
* Navy frigates: 5 of 13
Submarine Fleet: 0

However, the report found that the readiness for most weapon types had improved. Around 550 more weapons were available in 2017 for deployment compared to 2014.

The Bundeswehr’s €200 billion ($250 billion) modernization program had been “a long and arduous path,” but the government would remain committed to it.

Needless to say adventures in Syria and Afghanistan also play a role. Merkel’s conservatives and the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) agreed to set aside €10 billionfor the Bundeswehr in a coalition deal, which is still pending approval.

The pact also accords the military “priority” along with international development if more money becomes available in the federal budget in the future.

Deutsche Welle / AA Magnum News 2018.

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