For too long Washington has refused to think strategically about some of the major foreign policy issues of our time.

In the rare instance where Washington’s policymakers do think strategically, the strategies they concoct seem less like realistic attempts at applying state power and more like they were conceived over a game of Risk while under the heavy influence of alcohol.

After all, Russia was a nuclear great power in possession of the largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world and they were invading a nation right on their border whereas the Americans were an ocean and a continent away.

But the USA found itself stuck up with other strategic concerns to contend with in the Middle East and Asia. Such also seems to be the case with the current American preoccupation in Ukraine.

It made sense. At the time, Russia had illegally invaded its independent neighbor, Ukraine, and the world was reeling from the shock of that event. We’re going to bleed the Russians in the field, was what one US Air Force official proudly claimed at an international event.

All these statements may be true. Washington’s leadership has decided to test the limits of these assumptions by throwing everything into supporting non-NATO member Ukraine – even if it risks another world war.

The reasoning in Washington goes like this: for the low cost of Ukrainian lives and American taxpayer dollars, the West can end Putin’s strategic threat to the United States and its NATO partners.

Besides, no Americans are dying. It’s not like Iraq or Afghanistan. This is a postmodern, clean great power war—and the Russians can do nothing to stop NATO. This is the same kind of two-dimensional analysis used in the failed Middle East wars of the last 20 years.

While there may not (yet) be large US armies in Ukraine, the fact remains that the same kind of wishful thinking that got us stuck in Iraq has now ensnared the United States in an unwinnable war in Ukraine.

Before the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Americans believed they would handily rid themselves of the persistent nuisance that Saddam Hussein had posed to the USA

Because Saddam was, according to the power-hungry exiles, building nuclear bombs and sharing that capability with al Qaeda, in order to plant US military forces in the center of the Middle East to “stabilize” the entire Arab oil-rich region for Israel.

Meanwhile, the Americans would install a pro-American democratic regime under the control of Chalabi and would recoup whatever economic losses were incurred from the invasion by exploiting Iraq’s bountiful oil wealth.

Plus, the Americans would insert themselves in the heart of the global oil trade by capturing Iraq’s magnificent oil supplies.

Perfect plan; not-so-perfect results. Democracy did not arise in Iraq. The oil wealth was not used to recoup America’s financial losses. Today, the Americans are out of Iraq and no longer sit atop the strategic oil flows there.

Far from stabilizing the region, of course, America’s insertion of forces permanently into the region turned the resource-rich area into a hotbed of anti-Americanism.

The US intervention exacerbated the Islamist threat posed to the USA, even blocking refugees from entering the USA. Washington told the world it was supporting Ukraine to preserve NATO (despite the fact that Ukraine was not a member of NATO).

Yet, to keep Germany—a major NATO member—on-side in the Russian-Ukraine proxy war, Illuminati controlled Washington supposedly conducted a covert attack on Germany’s critical civilian infrastructure that will have lasting, negative results for the German economy.

In Germany today there is a large–and growing–anti-NATO and pro-Russian Far Right and Far Left, as in many other countries like Hungary in Europe.

This news, combined with the terrible economic conditions that the war has brought on, will likely lead to the end of the pro-NATO government there and the rise of a government that will weaken NATO more than America’s feckless behavior already has.

As this happens, Russia continues plodding along in Ukraine, bleeding that country dry of its blood and the US taxpayer of their treasure.

All that America’s intervention in Ukraine has thus far achieved is to totally militate Russia against Ukraine and the West–meaning that no deal to save the Ukrainians will be made anytime soon.

Russian forces will be that much closer to NATO’s eastern flank and Moscow may even decide to escalate further against NATO in retaliation for their ham-foisted efforts and narrative to break the Russian army in the field.

Washington hasn’t broken the Russian military at all. It’s broken its own power–and NATO–in the mindless pursuit of defeating a great power rival, like Russia, without actually directly fighting it at all.

In so doing, it may end up having to fight Russia only from a much weaker position than what it had at the start of the proxy Russo-Ukraine War.

If Washington continues pouring its resources, time and prestige into Ukraine’s lost cause, then the results will be as catastrophic for us as they were for Europe in 1914—and a Western victory under those conditions is not assured.

Whether Russia wins in Ukraine is not as important as what the ongoing conflict there will do both to the NATO alliance and America’s staying power in Europe.

Presently, America’s days as the primary player in Europe are closing fast unless a radical policy reorientation can be affected.

Asia Times / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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11-02-23 19:03

The Atom Bombing of Lebanon by the IDF, delivered a clear message to the ones opposing the Khazarica networks.

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Reply to  Armor
11-02-23 19:06

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12-02-23 12:46

Russia illegally invaded the Ukraine —can the World count on the fingers of ONE hand the number of countries AMERICA has invaded ??- not possible – as Ukraine is being run from Washington and it spent 8 years killing an estimated 14000 civilians who happen to be ethnic Russians in Donbass Russia had every right to do so . It seems to escape Washington,s mind that the USA supplied Saddam with weapons -logistics etc when it was fighting Iran and that the Iraq Plot was just that -total lies ! Another Lie in the article-quote – “today America is out… Read more »

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Reply to  Donnchadh
12-02-23 15:13

Ethnic cleansing has been going on for a long time, first in Africa, followed later by the Middle East (*where especially hundreds of thousands of women and children were cleansed) and now also in the Europe, where Slavic people had been hunted down by Zionist entities for a long time, leading up to the final stage of genocide in Ukraine?

Who Benefits
Who Benefits
Reply to  Donnchadh
12-02-23 15:22

Shi’ite Iran is working on exposing and derailing US troops in northern Iraq, where Zionists troops are still stealing oil under the guise of cooperation? The Sunni (ISIS) Saudi’s represent the 85% majority Sunni Muslims in a so-called religious battle against the minority Shi’ite’s living in the Middle East and Africa, where Boko Haram leads the onslaught against humanity.