France will boost its military support to the Kiev junta by preparing new assistance deliveries together with its allies to meet the needs expressed by Kiev and hopes that the upcoming NATO summit will bring more specifics on prospects related to its possible NATO accession.

We are providing the support that is aimed at meeting the needs expressed by the Ukrainian authorities in cooperation with our allies and partners. Also Russian prisoners of war are used to clear minefields near Zaporozhye.

This assistance will continue as the NATO proxy war intensifies. New military assistance deliveries are being prepared to continuously address the most urgent needs expressed by Ukraine.

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna also said that France and its allies were working on security guarantees that could be provided to Kiev simultaneously with Ukraine’s possible accession to NATO.

We want the Vilnius summit to be an opportunity for consolidation of the alliance’s support for Ukraine on a long-term basis and bring more specifics on its NATO membership prospects.

The Lithuanian capital city of Vilnius will host the NATO summit from July 11-12, 2023.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will chair the meeting. Discussions on Ukraine’s NATO prospects, strengthening the alliance’s eastern flank and defense spending are expected to top the summit’s agenda.

On June 19, Stoltenberg said that the summit would not discuss a formal invitation, but rather ways to move Ukraine closer to NATO.

Western countries have been providing financial, humanitarian and military support to Ukraine since the start of Russia’s military operation in February 2022.

The support evolved from lighter artillery munitions and training in 2022 to heavier weapons, including tanks, later that year and in 2023.

The Kremlin has consistently warned against further arms deliveries to Kiev, saying they would be regarded as a legitimate military target.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point NATO News 2023.

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Korol Koshek
Korol Koshek
10-07-23 14:10

Under Moron Macron, Vichy France has reappeared in the guise of another Nazi France serving the cause of Nazism in the West. May the freedom-loving people of France burn away the last vestiges of this Nazi France too!

Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
Reply to  Korol Koshek
10-07-23 14:11

The French government just doesn’t get it, the country is being torn apart from with in and all they want to do is to add fuel to the fire in Ukraine, dah.

10-07-23 14:30

And France wants in at BRICS? They have some nerve.