After wildfires spiked apocalyptic devastation near Athens over the past week, torrential rains caused deadly flooding in Greece.

Gripping stories have been reported of families running toward the sea to find safety, leaving behind their homes and possessions. Officials increased the death toll to 91 on Sunday.

Many of the fatalities occurred as people were left trapped in their homes or automobiles by the rapidly spreading fires. Around 700 people were rescued from beaches by the Coast Guard and other vessels, while another 19 survivors were rescued from the sea.

In total, 47 fires broke out across Greece from Monday into early Tuesday; however, most were extinguished by Tuesday afternoon as winds subsided across the area.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras declared three days of national mourning following the destructive blazes. Later in the week, showers occurred across the region. While the rain aided the firefighting efforts, intense flooding ensued.

The flash flooding overtook roads and entire communities around Athens. Recently burned areas are more susceptible to flooding as the ground is loose.

Accu Weather / ABC Flash Point Weather News 2018.

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