Exit polls show that right-wing and European skeptic parties sailed to victory in the European Union elections as the bloc increasingly became out-of-touch with ordinary people, saying that the EU has now turned into “a humanitarian problem.”

In France, the UK and Austria, nationalist parties even surged past their pro-EU rivals. The Greens and the Liberals performed well too. As a result, the pro-European bloc EPP and the Social-Democratic alliance S&D have now lost their combined majority.

The defeat of the bloc’s business-as-usual parties “is really not surprising when we look at the bigger picture. The election results present a serious challenge to Brussels’ narrative of a united, integrated Europe.

The momentum against Europe’s establishment parties was certainly felt in France, where Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party narrowly beat President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist En Marche.

Marine Le Pen has called on French President Emmanuel Macron to dissolve the National Assembly after her party took over the bloc led by the French president in European elections.

Many countries have realized now that the EU is not a solution, it’s actually a problem, the way has been managed.

Similar anti-establishment sentiment can be found in the UK, where Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party received 32% of the votes, defeating the Conservatives by more than 20 points.

EU-establishment parties will most certainly blame their loss on Putin election meddling again. And they might be right, showing that the Russian hybrid warfare is the most advanced now in the world.

The EU did not hear the people in Greece when they were in need. The rest of Europe had opinions the EU leaders, backed by fake mainstream media did not share regarding migrants.

And now the people have voted.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point EU News 2019.

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18-02-20 11:20

But they won’t be able to govern the EU over next period?