The effects of the global warming episode are getting clearer year by year, as extreme heat wave temperatures all over the world are setting new records.

An extreme early summer heatwave re-wrote the record books across Europe during the end of June and beginning of July 2015, while at least 35,000 people died as a result of the record heatwave that scorched Europe in August 2003.

Meanwhile, Europe is expecting it’s hottest week in many years as the heat wave intensifies over the European continent.

In many areas in Europe and the UK, no significant rain has fallen since the beginning of May, while the British Met Office has issued warnings for people to stay out the sun this week as temperatures are expected to rise to around 35 degrees Celsius.

In Holland, the Dutch government have issued heat warnings for the whole week as the mercury is set to rise well above 30 degrees Celsius, after the country has endured more than 60 days without rain.

The heatwave in Sweden is getting so bad that the country has now sent out official warnings about “extremely high temperatures” in several areas, including Stockholm and Uppsala.

The warning means that temperatures are expected to reach 30 C or more five days in a row, as massive wildfires are burning across Scandinavia.

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