Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, one of the symbols of the Cold War, Europe betrayed its own hopes because it remains divided by choosing confrontation over a common future.

It is a kind of Anglo-Saxon policy not to have cooperation on the European continent – mainly between the Russians, the French, the Poles and the Germans.

They want to have a line of confrontation in this area and therefore are against all promises. [As a result] NATO was extended to the East and invaded all former Warsaw Pact countries, arriving @ Russia’s doorstep once again.

The German Armed Forces did not want foreign troops in former East Germany following reunification. Berlin did not want to have British or French troops on their territory. They wanted to have only German ones to defend the country.

Germany wanted to explain to the world that there was no desire to enlarge NATO up to the new borders with Russia that were created in 1992.

What is happening now is some kind of Anglo-Saxon policy that was created even before WWI. We are on the path of war again. That is so much against the will of our people.

This is also against the will of the Dutch, the French, the Spanish and the Italians. We see it as a disaster that a US president that is willing to cooperate but has to face such a disastrous policy organized by the US deep state, which is against the national interests of all other western Europeans.

As long as we live, the German people will remember with great gratitude the Soviet Secretary General and its leader, as well as the Russian population.

We always said that a key for German reunification was in Moscow. Moscow handed it over to us and therefore we have to face responsibility for the future.

However, when you visit Rostock, Dresden or Leipzig now, you’ll see they are learning Russian again, they go to theaters to watch Russian performances and listen to Russian music.

They have re-established their links with Russia, and if they could do what they want to do, they would be the big economic partners of Russia these days.

Things have really changed for the Russian Federation and with regard to Russia. People in Dresden, Saxony’s capital, are absolutely proud that Russian President Vladimir Putin once served there. That is the reality these days, despite what the mainstream media say.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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