Lawmakers in Brussels turned into full panic after the realization that a long list of countries are opting to follow UK and leave the EU fascist dictatorship.

The EU knows that its success depends on Brexit as a “long list of countries” could follow the UK out of the economic bloc. They want the EU to be one entity rather than a union of entities.

Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips has predicted that other countries could look to Britain as Brussels pushes for closer ties between members.

The direction of travel of the EU is full throttle now not towards federalism but towards creating an EU government. It’s not federal because they actually are starting to not even recognize distinctions and differences between members states.

The further they go down that pathway, with some of the problems they are inevitably going to face and with Britain on the outside unscathed and unharmed, there will be a long list of countries looking to us going ‘they’ve made the right decision.

The EU knows this, it knows that its own success depends on the success of Brexit so the next year of negotiations are going to be tough.

The UK will enter an 11-month transition period with the bloc until the end of 2020, which will see Britain follow EU rules while the two sides thrash out a free new trade agreement.

Boris Johnson has repeatedly insisted he will not push back the deadline despite claims by critics that the time frame is too tight.

Ms Phillips said: “I’ve been very heartened by the things the Government are putting out. Whether it be no level playing field, whether it be we’re going to take back control of our fisheries, the noises coming from the Government have been good.”

She added that the Brexit Party will “keep the pressure” on the Prime Minister.

EUROPEAN UNION officials have restarted emergency no deal planning amid fears Boris Johnson will walk away from trade negotiations.

Express UK / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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