Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri stated this week that his government is pushing for a political settlement in Syria, that will still respect the territorial integrity of the Arab republic.

According to Shukri, Egypt wants to preserve Syria’s territorial integrity while also acting in accordance with the U.N. Security council’s resolutions, especially Resolution 2254.

The United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254 was unanimously adopted on 18 December 2015. It calls for a ceasefire and political settlement in Syria.

The UN Resolution 2254 was invoked by IranRussia, and Turkey as the legal basis for the political process required to solve the Syrian conflict, at the first round of the Astana Talks in January 2017.

Shukri made his remarks during a meeting with UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, in Cairo.

In a statement issued on Monday, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Ahmed Abu Zeid, noted that Shukri affirmed that a political solution in Syria should take into account the will and aspirations of the Syrian people.

De Mistura, for his part, briefed Shukri on the regional and international efforts exerted to push forward the political process and maintain the stability of the de-escalation zones.

Almadar / AA Flash Point News 2018.

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