A daylong strike by Dutch teachers has shut down thousands of schools across the country, because a serious shortage of teachers. Now the government in The Hague plans to leave schools open for only 4 days per week.

Organizers say Wednesday’s strike, the latest mass protest in what is becoming an autumn of discontent in the Netherlands, has forced the closure of more than 4,000 schools nationwide.

The action follows massive demonstrations in recent weeks by farmers and construction workers who are unhappy at the government’s emissions policies.

The teachers’ strike went ahead despite the government of PM Mark Rutte last week reaching an agreement with unions and schools to temporarily invest an extra €460 million ($510 million) in education to improve the horrible working conditions, and tackle low salaries.

Unlike farmers and construction workers who gathered in The Hague for protests and demonstrations, teachers are staging smaller protests across the country.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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