The Royal Dutch Marechaussee has discovered several packages of cocaine @ a military base in the Netherlands. The lucrative hard drugs were found in a container that was shipped from the Dutch Caribbean islands into Europe.

The Dutch narcostate has big problems regarding its drugs policies, because its military forces are structurally involved in transporting large quantities of cocaine from its Caribbean military bases, along the coast of Venezuela and Colombia, to Europe.

In the past the Dutch government in The Hague has been confronted with several breaking drugs cases where it military forces have been caught shipping large amounts of cocaine from South America.

In 2006, the Dutch Royal Navy warship, Tjerk Hiddes was send to the Caribbean for a counter drugs operations, but instead returned to its naval base in the Netherlands with a considerable amount of cocaine aboard the vessel.

Earlier in 2000, Dutch Royal Air Force Orion spy planes were used by military servicemen to haul large amounts of cocaine to Amsterdam. However most of the time these missions are censored to avoid establishing a bad reputation for the Dutch forces.

Yesterday, the Royal Dutch Military Police (Marechaussee), that is also stationed in the Caribbean colonial outposts in order to better regulate the lucrative drugs trade, has discovered 16 bags containing cocaine at the Royal Marine base in Doorn.

An investigation has been ordered into the probe in order to find out how many accomplishes were involved in the smuggling operation of dozens of kilo’s of cocaine located at the military training base in the Netherlands.

The Dutch colonies in the Caribbean are best known for their global offshore gambling enterprises, prostitution and human trafficking rings and the money laundering tax evading banking- and tourism industries.

The KLM and TUI airborne pirate ships contribute and play a decisive role for the crime rings to operate with dozens of weekly flights to the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

According to the fake news entity BBC, the Netherlands is the least corrupted country in the world, the same type of propaganda like with how Israel fights terrorism, killing and displacing Palestinians at free will.

AD / ABC Flash Point Crime News 2018.

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