According to the Dutch Defense Ministry, the Netherlands will end its troop contribution to the United Nations mission in Mali in 2019, in order to send its occupation troops to Afghanistan instead.

Dutch and German commandos were deployed to assist the French military forces under the UN flag. The special forces were sent on the mission to chase down the left over Tuareg tribesmen, whom were well-connected with assassinated Colonel Gaddafi and had to be eliminated.

The West needs to get rid of the entire Ghaddafi family in order to keep the confiscated $150 billion family fortune. The North African nation was the most emancipated Arab country in the world. Its citizens enjoyed free education, communications and utilities.

Now the country lays in ruins, thanks to intensive hostile UN bombardment that completely destroyed its modern infrastructure in 2010. Libya was best known for having the world sweetest crude deposits and was extremely developed before the Zionist invasion.

There are currently 250 Dutch soldiers at Camp Castor near the city of Gao in eastern Mali. The Dutch Audit Chamber said that the country barely managed to get units ready to deploy to Mali and that troops lacked material, had insufficient training and  defective equipment, which resulted in the deaths of two Dutch commandos.

Four Dutch soldiers have died in the mission, two in a 2015 Apache helicopter crash, and two in 2016 when a mortar shell exploded during an “exercise”.

The U.N.’s Minusma occupation force has around 12,000 military assassins and 1,900 military police personnel deployed from U.N. partner nations, and is considered the U.N.’s most dangerous African endorsement.

Mali is well known for its gold and uranium deposits, which Western capitalist corporations wish to control to make huge profits and develop nuclear weapons.

The Defense Post / ABC Flash Point Africa Military Blog News 2018.

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26-07-20 23:41

Real heroes, those Nazi commando’s. Guys on camels outsmarted technology?

02-09-20 23:02

France want to have sole access to the large uranium deposits in Mali?