Since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948, most of the Druze population had to accept the Israeli citizenship and have been loyal to the country.

They have been identifying themselves as “Druze” and “Israelis,” as they assumed Israeli citizenship and have even been serving in the IDF, including in war crime combat units, to protect themselves against violence in their own territory.

But most, who didn’t relate to that narrative and preferred to scrap any connection to the Jewish state. Up until the eruption of the Arab Spring in 2011, only 1,500 out of some 20,000 Druze residents of the area had assumed Israeli citizenship.

Now their number is growing, and the reason for this is a generation gap and the civil war that’s still raging in Syria. However, out of 21,000 Druze currently living on the Golan Heights, still only 1,500 had adopted Israeli citizenship by 2016.

Throughout the years, the Druze community of the Golan Heights has strongly believed that “one day” the area would be given back to Syria.

In 2008, there even were reports of a series of secret talks between Israel and the Syrian government that aimed at getting the ball rolling on that front.

If the area was to return to Syria, the future of the Golan Heights’ Druze, who assumed Israeli citizenship, would be in danger, primarily because they would be perceived as traitors, who’d cooperated with the Israeli enemy.

The deterrent was strong enough that the Druze of the Golan Heights did not serve in the army, they didn’t vote in the elections, they burnt Israeli ID cards and refused to benefit from any medical or social services that Israel was willing to offer.

Those who dared to go against the stream were punished by a boycott, which often meant a total isolation from the community. But, the Arab Spring has not been the only reason for the shift in attitude.

According to Israel’s Ministry of the Interior, there has been a significant increase in the number of Druze from the Golan who have submitted papers for citizenship.

Many young people, who were born here, take citizenship, they go and vote and they serve in the army. They don’t want the Golan to be given back to Syria one day.

After what’s happened in Syria, where people don’t have food and money anymore due to the ISIS massacres and Zionist invasion feel obligated to choose the Israeli citizenship.

But, after Zionists terrorists in Idlib are destroyed, and Americans are kicked out Iraq and Syria, Golan will be liberated. Tens of thousands of residents that were expelled by Zionists will be return to their homes.

The rest of occupied Palestine won’t stay occupied for long either. Zionists better have their second passports, nearby in order to find a new destination in life.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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12-08-21 10:23

Times of change are flashing around the corner.

Reply to  Flash
12-08-21 10:24

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12-08-21 10:26

What kind of unabashed Zionist propaganda attempt of justifying “Israel’s” illegal occupation of the Golan Heights is that article? If I want to read that criminal tribe’s published lies, I’ll pick up Haaretz or the New York Times.

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Shalom Soros
12-08-21 10:28

The ongoing annexation (theft) of lands in the region by the Israeli regime will soon come to an end. Syria and its allies in the region (the Axis-of Resistance) have announced coordinated moves to liberate lands are close. Indeed, this involves the removal of the entity called Israel. The atrocities and crimes of Israel will at that time come back on it as retribution:……. “I hope all Israelis will listen carefully to what I say: Netanyahu, his government and military officials did not correctly evaluate the magnitude this war will reach if they succeed to light its fires. What will… Read more »

12-08-21 10:29

False Zionist Propaganda. The Druze have always protested Israel’s terror. In recent time the Druze protested Israel’s support for ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorist in Syria.

23-10-21 14:57

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