Drug trafficking, arms trafficking and human trafficking are three of the most profitable of the preferred businesses overseen by the International Banking Cartel.

Each of these illicit enterprises is run out of their national headquarters located in the Jewish state of Israel.

It could even be said that the apartheid state of Israel was set up as a rogue criminal nation where all sorts of criminal enterprises could be run without fear of exposure since everyone is in on the take.

For example, the only reason why Israel’s military muscle — the U.S. Armed Forces — still occupies Afghanistan is to protect the poppy fields for their lucrative drug-trafficking businesses run out of Tel Aviv.

Likewise, the forever wars are perpetuated by the IBC in order to conduct arms trafficking for the warring nations and their armaments suppliers.

As for the burgeoning trade in human slaves, and especially child sex slaves, this major money-maker also provides HUGE and quick profits because of the rich and powerful who can’t get enough.

Lastly, the pornography industry is similarly controlled by the same tribe and it is the most watched content on the Internet today.

Porn addiction is now the greatest addiction in the world by purposeful design as it will likely be in the years ahead.

Millennium Report / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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25-03-20 22:46

Money, money, money …….its a rich men’s world?