The definition for animal abuse reads that keeping animals locked up or in small lagoons or cages for human entertainment is a crime committed in exchange for raking in huge profits under the disguise of the misleading animal friendly endeavor.

The Dolphin Academy in Curaçao emphasizes so-called care and genuine interaction between humans and these isolated locked up and caged animals.

Except for the $300 one hour open water dive and snorkel adventure, all the other “Swim with a Dolphin” attractions are generated inside a small closed artificially built salt water lagoon.

Dolphin Academy opened its doors on the 26th of May 2002. On that day our most important ‘colleagues’, the dolphins, were flown to their new home in Curaçao from Cancun, Mexico.

After the initial five dolphins, the family has expanded and we now house over 20 Coastal Bottle-nose dolphins, that must generate thousands of dollars per hour for the mega operation until the day they sadly die in captivity.

Worldwide these type of human open water attractions had their best days in the past and closed their isolated encounters in the developed world. Also other types of animal circuses have been closed down over the past decades.

However in Curaçao the Dolphin Academy partners, under the disguise off the Curacao Dolphin Therapy & Research Center (CDTC) offer a unique and effective therapy program provided by qualified therapists in cooperation with dolphins in an inviting Caribbean environment.

Dolphins Bonnie, Sami, Chabelita, Nubia & Kanoa are the used “CDTC Dolphins” which implies they are specially prepared for CDTC’s program and primarily perform therapy.

In the USA most of these type of businesses have stopped or graded down operating with dolphins and orca’s, and changed their focus on animal rescue instead of using them for exotic human entertainment.

Welfare of wildlife is very important for our fragile planet these days, now that the profiting scam has been revealed by real animal lovers.

Roller coasters and water slides are now part of the ocean encounter programs. Special trained military assassins even get discounts if they take their families to these human attractions.

Or get up close and personal with California’s majestic Pacific Gray Whales during this 3-hour whale-watching excursion from San Diego.

Climb aboard your U.S. Coast Guard-certified vessel, complete with indoor and outdoor seating and a spacious galley, as you search for these beautiful marine mammals as they migrate between the Baja Peninsula and the Bering Strait.

Crickey Conservation Society 2019.

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01-05-20 21:56

New global animal laws created the definition for “Animals locked up in cages or isolated in other types of closed environments for commercial gain and profits” now stands for animal abuse.

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22-07-21 19:36

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24-03-21 01:35

Ik heb een aantal dingen die je op Curaçao kunt doen niet in mijn top 5 (stranden, landhuizen, Willemstad, Hato grotten en watersport) opgenomen. Belangrijkste reden is natuurlijk dat ik keuzes moest maken. Ik heb bijvoorbeeld het populaire Seaquarium niet meegenomen in het lijstje. Dat komt vooral omdat ik een beetje moeite heb met plekken waar dieren opgesloten worden en er vervolgens met sommige dieren show gegeven worden. Ook al zeggen ze dat de dieren het leuk vinden, voor mij is het onnatuurlijk dat dieren een showtje opvoeren voor menselijk publiek. Ook de interactie met dolfijnen waarbij commercie de grondslag… Read more »