The ex-head of the Venezuelan military intelligence service, Hugo “El Pollo” Carvajal, was arrested in Spain at the request of the American Justice who had been lurking for him for alleged drug crimes against the US regime.

El Pollo has been on the American sanctions list since 2008 for coordinating cocaine smuggling to the United States.

The general was also known to act as the main point of contact between the FARC leadership and DEA, who gave the guerrilla fighters complete freedom to engage in drug trafficking through the territory of Venezuela.

Carvajal played a pivotal role in dealing with drug cartels with the Venezuelan government, so his involvement in the dark world of drug practices went far beyond the mere provision of logistics for the illegal transport of drugs and weapons.

Just like Vladimiro Montesinos, the chief of the Peruvian Servicio de Inteligencia Nacional (SIN) at the time of the regime of ex-president Alberto Fujimori, El Pollo also had an unprecedented network of informers and tellers who kept him informed of everything necessary to maintain its grip on its illegal practices.

It is quite possible to remember the incident that took place in Aruba in 2014 in which Carvajal, who was appointed by the Venezuelan government as their consul in Aruba, was arrested by the Aruban authorities at the request of the US Justice pending the handling of the request for extradition.

What happened afterwards was still shrouded in the dark, in contrast to a position previously adopted by the then Dutch Foreign Minister, Mr Koenders said that Carvajal should be released because he enjoyed immunity as a consul.

In no time Carvajal was picked up by a private jet from the Venezuelan government, could not take the risk that El Pollo would still fall into the hands of the USA and would break.

The events on Aruba and the dubious role that Koenders has played in them remain a mystery to date.

What surprises everybody is that Carvajal apparently thought he could pull the war forces away from Maduro.

The fact is that General Carvajal has now been arrested for the second time abroad and is once again awaiting the completion of a trial for extradition to the USA.

But that situation is now different. After all, not long ago, Carvajal publicly announced his support for Guaido, and even went so far as to call on its mates to choose Guaido.

The struggle of the Venezuelan people is not so much the struggle against the government in Caracas, but a struggle against the DEA supported Latin American Mafia.

As long as the foreign forces are not fully aware of this and do not change the rules of engagement, there will soon be no solution to relieve the people from organized crime.

ABC Flash Point Drugs News 2019.

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Black Nobility
Black Nobility
11-04-20 23:52

And the next step would be accusing Venezuela for running the drugs trade to the USA?