The Prime Minister of Curaçao Gilmar Pisas met with ministers and the state secretary during his visit to The Hague earlier this month.

The Dutch colonial ministers he met with were Rob Jetten, Minister of Climate, Alexandra van Huffelen State Secretary of Kingdom Relations, and the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Also present were the Minister of Social Development Ruthmilda Larmonie-Cecilia and Minister Plenipotentiary in The Hague Carlson Manuel. 

One of the main topics discussed was the alternative energy project that began in June 2022, with the aim of providing Curaçao with alternative energy.

Additionally, they talked about the mutual arrangement that was recently signed and the execution of the Landspakket (country package). Something that does not count for other Dutch provinces in the Netherlands.

One might wonder where the so-called autonomy exactly stands for?

Pisas is coordinating the process of the mutual arrangement that was signed recently. According to the prime minister, the talks with the ministers and state secretary went well. 

However, one must recognize that controversial policies show that the Dutch colonial rule rides the waves of opportunity, creating massive unemployment and poverty, leading to more crime in this structure by design.

The tropical island of Curacao has been plagued by mass tourism schemes that cause poverty and chaos among the local born citizens. The fascist minded rulers in The Hague force to local elected politicians to their knees, glorifying the annexation of local real estate.

The key factors to the vampire like destruction of the local lifestyle are several vehicles introduced to enforce the recolonization campaign, which are to be blacklisted by the remaining citizens that we able to survive the ongoing onslaught on the road to nowhere.

Over half of the local born citizens have already been deported to the Netherlands, where they are added to the lifestyles of war refugees from mostly Muslim countries where the same kind of formulas are supplied, while the mainstream media disguises the real facts.

The first and most important tool for this campaign to be successful are the established Nazi headquarters (Dos Mundos) together with the modern flying pirate ships from KLM, American Airlines and the worlds biggest travel agency TUI.

Without these human trafficking cargo ships the Zionist colonization would not be possible. Dos Mundos is they center piece of the privatization process, where foreign entities and other type of invaders can arrange permits and migration documents to succeed.

On the Dutch Caribbean islands, the local people serve as drivers for the enriched tourism industry, or protect and cover the bullets for these invading networks with security after creating poverty delivered by the Neo-colonial dictatorial policy design.

Also they can pick up the after party garbage and serve as road cleaners, for the settlers to profit from? For the rest the island has been confiscated and privatized by colonial minded settlers, while they are at it they are destroying the livelihood of the local born people.

The new airport, build with taxpayers money, made available by career traitors, is in hands of foreigners, cashing in all the airport taxes, not even leaving a bone behind for the impoverished society. The same deal with the 700 million new hospital ruled by the Dutch.

Most of the islands former public beaches have been privatized by the confiscation networks that are operating under the false flag of development. The result is that local people are driven out of the environment in order to shape the evil hostile occupation plan.

ABC Flash Point Colonial Invasion Blog News 2023.

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Death Squads
Death Squads
06-05-23 18:31

comment image

Previous Test
Previous Test
06-05-23 18:37

The Dutch want to close the largest refinery in the Caribbean to create more unemployment among the local population. The refinery is so big that it ranks within the world’s Top-25 refineries. Need more proof that the Dutch policies are not favoring the local society anymore?

Last edited 6 months ago by APB1961Curacao
15-05-23 01:45

De fabel fabrieken verdienen miljarden aan reizigers en bezetters?

Ban pa pasa un rondu
Ban pa pasa un rondu
15-05-23 16:14

Jette komt zogenaamde groene energie promoten, zodat er meer nederzettingen aangelegd kunnen worden? Wat voor ambitie moet dit voorstellen voor Curacao, om dan nog in de regio de leider te worden in deze twee-koppige ontwikkelingen?

Karl not telling You
Karl not telling You
Reply to  Ban pa pasa un rondu
15-05-23 16:42

We worden gewoon voor aap gezet. Tijdens de persconferentie moest Cijntje ineens iets in het NL’s voorlezen, waarbij hij dus duidelijk voor schut gezet werd om de bezetters een groot plezier te doen, en lachende kontkever Jetten zich nauwelijks nog kon inhouden?

15-05-23 20:52

Duik toerisme aan banden leggen, zo werkt dat ook op Bonaire?