Since 10 October 2010, Curacao was supposed to declare its democratic status as an autonomous state in the Dutch Caribbean Kingdom.

Unfortunately the gig never materialized and the local born islanders got trapped into an economic scheme, because traitors are misleading the people selling public properties to foreign tax evading gangsters that call themselves businessmen and traders.

Due to tax holiday agreements capital invested in Curacao grows 200% faster compared to the local economy itself, leading to unemployment, growing crime rates and poverty.

In order to avoid another revolution against the dictatorship monitored by The Hague, a dozen of armed forces were established and deployed to defend the invaders lute.

One of the islands main industrial pillars, the oil industry has been kidnapped and taken hostage by Conoco Phillips to bribe PdVSA into leave the ISLA refinery, while Chinese bidders were side-tracked by some corrupted and faked studies, resulting in a $3 billion takeover, which equals the amount for building a complete new refinery.

Evil entities confiscated the islands public properties, while the cost of living doubled for the islanders without getting indexed to collect adjusted wages and.or income.

This created the economic deportation towards Europe among the middle class and the poor for the electoral landscape to change into a colonial favor.

For retired Dutch citizens to visit the island a new 5-star $400.000.000 hospital had to be build so medical treatment for that class would be made available. Now the hospital has to beg for more money to finish the exclusive project, but not before 2020.

Also two new out of port $40.000.000 cruise terminals had to be build with the tax- payers money, to create space at the former wharf docking stations so restaurants and bars for the rich could be developed, while destroying pristine protected coral reefs and mangrove forests along the way.

For the rest the airport business income was granted to a Swiss operator for CAP to cash in on the aviation and cargo profits made, while the development cost had to be materialized by the isolated taxpayers.

The dry repair docks were granted to Damen Shipyards for them to profit from the impoverished situation, under the disguise of employment and economic wellbeing.

The tax evading hotel businesses (CHATA) confiscated most the islands best beaches, while the other beaches were granted to the CTB for the invaders to develop and oust the local community.

Restaurants and other type of lucrative rental companies will soon run those privatized beaches as well, squeezing the local society out the equation.

No fun, no glory, leading the island into a pleasure dome and bastion for ignorant and brainwashed tourists, while the impoverished and dodged islanders can watch and choke on their own breathe.

Its is funny how capitalism works, it creates poverty and crime, for fascist government to to come up with more ethnic rulings, so the unwanted can be excluded and banned from visiting the islands exotic former public destinies.

According to the principles of economic development the profits must shared with the hosts at the least, but not in Curacao. Here all those mentally hijacked souls serve as slaves for the invaders to profit from, including extensive human trade.

If development leads to poverty and crime, somewhere along the line things do not add up anymore. The formula is not new, Nazi Germany invented propaganda so the fake media can disguise the entire occupation campaign and turn it into something heroic.

So next time you might feel that your security has been sabotaged ans scrutinized you know who to call. But before we leave KLM has to ship tons of Venezuelan gold to Gangsterdam in order to pay the rent.

Crickey Conservation Society 2018.

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Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn
25-08-20 20:29

The capital grew three times faster then the economy, meaning 2/3 is laundered away from the island of Curacao, creating unnecessary debts, related crime and extreme poverty?

23-05-21 12:53

Dutch and Jewish networks only invest in situations where they do not have to pay taxes so they can absorb all profits for themselves?

05-10-21 13:08

Living in the captured lie of the enemy?

25-02-22 12:55

Everything will be privatized by corporations and evil NGO’s. Government can seize to exist or have no more saying in public matters?

Don Chien
Don Chien
04-04-22 01:14

Super article, well done, finally something pushed the red button?