The local government of Curacao must do itself a favor and start closing local beaches until an effective solution for the tourist pollution footprint has been implemented.

Carbon and garbage tax for environmental compensation would be the best way to tackle the problem for all parties involved.

Now all the tourist waste products (chemical and biological) are simply dumped into the Caribbean Sea and/or local landscape. Plans to build waste management plants are postponed and not realized in fear of unmasking the fatal environmental consequences created by hazardous “mass tourism” sewage pollution problems.

Most of the Curacao beaches are sold to foreign profit taking hotel chains, while public beaches are simply invaded and occupied by tourists which contributes to social unrest. Curacao is being prostituted by evil politicians that do not care about the welfare or the future of their own society?

In Brazil they charge garbage tax for the tourists that leave their carbon footprint behind. During the hurricane season taxes can be lowered to compensate the hotter +40C part (July-September) of the year, when tourists prefer to hang out somewhere cooler.

The tax evading tourism industry brings more poverty due to incredible high rising unemployment rates (+30%).

Even worse is that the massive costs for the upgraded infrastructure must be completely covered by the taxpayers that receive no social benefits or return on investment in exchange for the invasion.

Famous tourist destinations such as Thailand and the Philippines have already ordered to close some of its most pristine beaches in order to combat tourist pollution.

All together, one of the other global polluters is the airline industry, which causes massive airborne pollution problems in our atmosphere.

The carbon footprint for traveling passengers on airplanes is 10 times higher then driving an average car. However, the worst polluter on this planet remains the cattle industry. Cows produce methane, which creates 20 times more deadly effects compared to mentioned carbon emissions.

Curacao voters are tired of corruption and declining living standardsdonating local properties to foreign business gangsters that avoid paying taxes.

Desert Paradise / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News 2018.

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Time to stop giving permits to those tax avoiding developers?

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