Since the Dutch politicians residing in The Hague decided its was time to get completely involved in the Caribbean colonies along the coast of Venezuela, unemployment went through the roof creating poverty and crime on the island.

In 1993, the Dutch introduced a new political party, PAR (Party Antilles Restructured) to be used and serve as a bridgehead for the Dutch to operate. Tax evading mass tourism was introduced in order to bring Dutch colonial settlers to the island.

At the moment the SVB is the last entity that has to be destroyed, so that the local people loose their health insurance, making the hospital that was build with community funds a no-go zone for the islanders?

The autonomy was changed into full backed dictatorship using traitor style puppets to sign lucrative contracts for the Dutch to cash in huge tax free profits.

These so-called development contract files kept in the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten mysteriously disappeared after some disputed facts came into the light of day, showing how plundering entities abused their positions, corrupting local politicians to do the dirty job.

Bribery and extortion became the two main driving elements in the hostile take-over process pushing the government to take austerity measures, sucking tax paying people to keep the island’s finances in check.

All of the main income sources for the government were destroyed in order to put these victims with their backs against the wall. The final nail in the coffin called democracy.

At the same time real estate gangsters speculated on the housing prices, blowing up the values for the tax collector to cash in more property taxes. This resulted in the disappearance of the local middle class, which was entirely replaced by Dutch cocoons.

The largest refinery in the Caribbean was derailed and sold for $1 to Dutch bankruptcy tycoon Klesch, which also handled the liquidations of Fokker (airplanes) and DAF (trucks). It took the local government to pay 31 million guilders to consultants involved in the hostile takeover.

The ISLA refinery was previously operated by the Venezuelan oil giant PdVSA, which was the largest employer on the Caribbean island.

In order to get PdVSA out of the way, the American Rockefeller owned company Conoco-Phillips (which also operates in the stolen oil fields in Syria) supported the Dutch career criminals by putting a lean of the property.

This made it possible to freeze PdVSA’s bank accounts, derailing oil shipments to the refinery for it to be forced to closed and leave thousands of people without income ready to be deported to Amsterdam using the modern flying pirate ships of KLM and TUI.

This type of Palestinian style extortion happened to many other sectors and local businesses on the island resulting in mass deportation of local born residents, leaving their emptied houses behind in the hope one day to return to their place of birth.

The tourism industry get all the benefits of the doubt, while their infrastructure is being paid by the tax collector, using the money of the impoverished people to develop their business, while occupying most of the pristine beaches on the island in exchange for profit.

The first step towards renewed democracy for the PAR coalition governments was building an American designed prison to lock up locals that cannot deal with the Dutch law?

Privatization of government properties is the last hurdle for the Dutch invaders to be realized. The DEA controlled hard drugs hub (cocaine) for Europe and the US markets, needs to be better organized in order for the imperialist to succeed.

The PAR coalition governed with all the local political parties that are now pronounced dead. With help of the media, all the blame was pushed upon PAR coalition partners, while the PAR itself took al the credit for glorifying the island.

For distribution purposes Dutch yachts organize day trips to Klein (small) Curacao, where the secret services illegally build sun blocking palapas to pamper their visitors in order to disguise their merchandise (cocaine and stolen gold) coming in from Venezuela.

The Dutch propaganda media does the dirty job of trashing and sabotage opponents in order for them to get locked up or even shot to kill them in broad daylight.

Helmin Wiels was was a through patriot that risked his life to stop the Dutch from confiscating and privatizing valuable properties, like beaches and government owned buildings.

The Colombian hired killers are still walking around freely, after the Dutch blamed the now jailed politicians for the political murder that were technically standing in their way of claiming exceptional one-sided liberties.

Five year tax holiday’s were granted to Dutch hotel chains, which could be extended to another period of 5 years, if they came with additional ‘development’ plans. Places like Chogogo resort @ Jan Thiel did not even border to pay the regular room taxes over a large period in time.

Their “SMILE” slogun was stolen from a very popular Blue bay Golf Tournament, after the local organizers and sponsors were derailed with the help of criminal gangsters ruling CAP. if you ain’t Dutch you ain’t much is the motto used to recolonize the island.

In order for the rich Dutch retirees to come visit the island and support the hotels and restaurants, a new over-prized hospital was build by Balast Nedam, with Berenschot in control of the funds temporarily delivered by USONA, for the local taxpayers to pay the bill?

At the moment the US military is using cruise-ships to host and camp their allied (*F-UK-US) forces readying for the planned invasion of Venezuela in order to annex the largest oil- and gold reserves in the world.

Dutch, British, French and US amphibious assault ships and other type of offensive warships are forming a maritime blockade to stop Venezuelan sanctioned oil tankers to sell the product to the world, strangulating the Latin American country.

Unfortunately for the F-UK-US coalition, the Russians support Venezuela with advanced and unmatched military technology to keep the hungry Zionist parasites out of contention. Two attempts to create a bridgehead for the US military to enter Venezuela have failed so far.

Cuban military forces help to defend the government in Caracas, while Iran is now assisting to carry out maintenance for the intentionally crippled Venezuelan refineries.

While China supported Venezuela to avoid immediate bankruptcy, financing agricultural projects all over the beautiful country, largely covered by rain forests.

The moment Venezuela gets back on their own feet, Curacao can be saved from the Dutch invaders prostituting the islands for their own greedy profits.

ABC Flash Point Annexation News 2020.

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Pan Cayente
Pan Cayente
17-06-20 23:28

The Dutch have been invading and colonizing territories for over the past 500 years, meaning they are very good in what they do?

Pan Cayente
Pan Cayente
18-06-20 05:10

No return on investment?

18-06-20 18:17

Feeding the very machine that is destroying nature and the economy?

Kid Creole
Kid Creole
20-06-20 13:38

Dogs and Cats get supported from Holland, but the local people can go to hell, while their assets are being plundered?

Empire of Satan
Empire of Satan
Reply to  Kid Creole
22-06-20 11:38

And in Holland dogs are tight up to trees behind gas stations when they need to go on vacation and do not want to spend money to take care of their animals, while in the Oostvaarder Plassen, horses and deer are being left to starve to die by the thousands?

Reply to  Empire of Satan
22-06-20 11:40

Just a tool so the Dutch hypocrites can trash the local Curacao people and put them in a bad light as street dogs are living everywhere in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Sephardic Jew
Sephardic Jew
03-07-20 14:51

Now, the skeleton crew must go to work?

18-07-20 01:31

Destroying the local community?