The Dutch Caribbean ABC-Islands have fallen victim to Zionist Imperialism, and with no diversified economies, or without sufficient treasuries of gold, and a hugely overrated public debt, leave room for international speculators to have an effect on their domestic economies with actions that amount to financial terrorism.

With explicit Dutch financial control (Cft) over the government budget of Curacao, the politicians are placed with their backs against the wall.

To make sure any contra-revolution has no chance to defend the democratic rights, the Dutch conspirators in the The Hague changed the so-called autonomous islands into a Dutch controlled police state, with over ten different armed factions dominating the urbanized spectrum.

Expensive projects to support the tax evading tourism industry have turned the ABC-Islands back into enslaved economies, with no right to protest, while corrupted politicians taking full responsibility for all the Dutch Zionist interests to keep the islanders stuck into the imperial swamp.

The costs of living for the local residents have exploded, while the salaries were kept frozen into the stone age by a bunch of traitor style dictators that could not ignore the instructions from the fascist minded narco-state supported Dutch colonial politicians.

Worthless education systems have helped to turn the local society into a bunch of unemployed slaves with extensive crime, due to poverty as an result, which is now being used to create more rules to isolate the public enemy.

Psychopathic rulers, including criminal minded Free Masons use the ABC islands to their convenience, ranking Curacao into the world’s top-5 of illegal weapons trade and sleeping terrorist cells. Also Willemstad has been dubbed into global capital number one for global drugs trade by the DEA, especially the money laundering part of it.

Evil Dutch capitalist entities now dominate the political and economic landscape, with their criminal minded offspring jumping into the gap of opportunity, confiscating the local real estate, beaches and everything else under the tropical sun.

The Dutch flying pirate ships are flooding the islands with dictatorial opportunists that use the euro currency to capitalize on their cheap loot. The real estate business is mainly used to launder money, just as most of the other sectors in the economy.

The only way to escape the colonial dictatorship is economic deportation to Amsterdam, supported by the earlier mentioned Dutch flying pirate ships, while human trafficking crime rings fill up the void created by the political extortion.

Venezuela and China are trying to support the local communities, but the Dutch territorial rulers, supported by their armed entities systematically push the real developers away, fort them to cash in on the golden nuggets.

The tourist industry is used to transport cocaine to the mainland in Europe, where the lopsided legalized criminals cash in on the lucrative businesses.

ABC Flash Point Colonial Terror News 2018.

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Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
28-03-20 01:46

Met geld als wapen, wordt alles duurder gemaakt, terwijl de salarissen bevroren blijven, zodat het lokale volk vanzelf oprot naar NL?

Reply to  baronmaya
03-08-20 00:15

Lobby stands for Bribery, Extortion and Plundering ?