Refineria Isla Curaçao B.V. is committed to be recognized as the leader of the refining business in the Latin American and Caribbean market.

Refineria Isla’s mission is to refine crude and process feedstock in an efficient, safe, competitive, safe and environmentally responsible manner, delivering products and services on time, according to the required quantities and specified quality.

Taking into account the market opportunities, valuing the work of the people of Curacao and welfare of the community, sustainability of Refineria Isla has been integrated in the Latin American and Caribbean market, and hereby achieving the maximum value for the shareholder.

The Isla refinery in Curacao has the largest production capacity in the Caribbean, and now some Dutch politicians in The Hague are pushing to close the PdVSA-run refinery?

At the same time the Dutch want to keep their own five refineries (Shell Pernis, BP, Exxon, Total Vlissingen, Kuwait) near Europort Rotterdam open?

Pernis has a capacity of 404.000 barrels p/d, while Curacao offers 320.000 barrels per day. If the Isla refinery has to close down, the island will be dumped into poverty.

The Dutch have re-postioned themselves @ the Caribbean ABC Islands, and taken away the autonomy from the local governments.

Other huge income sources, like the HATO airport have been handed over to Swiss-Port, while the ship repair dry docks have been annexed by Dutch Damen Shipyards.

The largest oil refineries in the world are the Jamnagar Refinery in Gujarat, India (1,240,000 bpd), the SK Energy Co., Ltd. Ulsan Refinery in South Korea (1,120,000 bpd), and the Paraguana Refinery Complex in Falcon, Venezuela (940,000 bpd).

It makes absolutely no sense to close this large oil refinery in Curacao with skyrocketing oil prices as they are today, otherwise causing extended economic deportation for the native born population.

But most importantly this refinery can not be closed, because the tax evading and extremely polluting tourism industry does not support the islands budget enough.

The United Nations has advised Rhuggenaath and his puppets not to implement proposed austerity measures leading to a shrinking economy. One must invest in order to fight poverty, otherwise only the poor will only get poorer.

Previous hostile austerity measures, freezing minimum income, led to more poverty among the population, causing massive deportation with modern flying KLM pirate ships to the Netherlands.

ABC Flash Point Radar News 2019. 

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Kunta Kinte
Kunta Kinte
04-06-20 00:42

Its always the same story, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer? The magic with words may let it sound like the locals are bad mouthed and the invaders are glorified by controlled media sources.

Reply to  baronmaya
02-08-20 19:40

The hostile colonial Dutch approach will someday backfire against them?

Artful Dodger
Artful Dodger
24-10-22 10:33

And now when in 2022, the new real local government wants to reopen the biggest refinery in the Caribbean, former Dutch queen Beatrix visited Curacao to lobby for indefinite closure, the local government is side tracked with stepping down, so the refinery keeps closed and can be sold as scrap, while the most polluting industry – TOURISM – is promoted to confiscate left over local properties to finalize the hostile colonial agenda.

Reply to  Artful Dodger
29-12-22 16:54

That is how it works in reality, coverups, scams and propaganda lies dominate the sound waves?