Under strict supervision of the Dutch politicians seated in The Hague, the Curacao government is corrupted to the bone, which causes extreme unemployment, poverty and crime among the local population.

Curacao is a tiny Dutch colony outpost in the Caribbean along the coast of Venezuela and is of decisive strategic importance for the Dutch Kingdom. Especially the airport and natural harbor create significant lucrative income for foreign enterprises.


Curacao functions as an international hub for the cocaine trade and corporate corruption , while the related on- and offshore banking industry profits from various money laundering schemes.

We all know that banks create money out of nothing (printing until the ink runs dry), charge interest over non existing collateral and while at it, only needs to cover 10% of clients funds and/or savings according to the central bank, which is a private institution that only serves the evil greedy elite.

The tax evading polluting tourism industry also abuses the corrupted local politicians to launder their dirty money, by granting extended tax holidays. This capitalist formula chokes the local people to death, while evil entities enjoy the deportation of its impoverished citizens.

Human Trafficking rings provide the mentioned industries with cheap labor schemes under supervision of the mauled government. The political parties in control (PAR/MAN) sell the island’s properties to the lowest bidders, to enhance the so-called development.

With an unemployment rate of nearly 40% and an unequal education system the future for the locals doesn’t look that bright. As a direct result crime rates surge to extreme levels, while the police state offers benefits to corrupted institutions to rake in the lucrative benefits from the created situation.

At the same time the Dutch politicians, backed by the evil propaganda entities, extract maximum benefits by keeping the minimum wages frozen for the business society to profit from. Almost 60% of the working local population is forced to live from long time frozen minimum wages.

The Flying Pirate Ships of KLM and TUI make sure the recolonization process will be exploited to the max. At the same time, American Airlines provides the necessary Zionist assistance and fly their DEA agents to the drugs infested island of Curacao in support of the hostile annexation.

Both the American and Dutch crime rings are working to get the local refinery shut down in order to wipe the PdVSA of the Caribbean map. The ABC-Islands are situated in the Venezuelan Economic Zone, but shady agreements make sure the Dutch stay in control for the time being.

In the meanwhile coral reefs and other pristine environments are being destroyed by the capitalist development, while extreme pollution finished off the islands habitats, including the mangroves that form the start of the global food chain.

Crickey Conservation Society 2018.

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02-01-21 12:44

Dutch entities making money privitizing real estate sea-side properties and other public assets to drain the island into poverty?

21-10-22 05:18

The Dutch fascist entity Cft, makes the decisions without being held responsible for their actions, shows the debt of the gateway to hell for the local people. Freezing retirement and minimum income wages, lead to poverty and the destruction of the targeted humanitarian networks for the rich to prosper and make profits.

Reply to  Chapultepec
21-10-22 05:20

The settlers offer the victims half price for the houses and other properties, so the Dutch can make all the money, while the squeezed tax payers cover the infrastructure for the parasites to breed on.

09-03-23 14:01

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