According to an American survey, most states in the USA are corrupted, but according to the DEA these numbers are nothing compared to the corruption levels on some of the Caribbean Islands. Aruba, St.Maarten and Curacao top the corruption list.

Dutch and (British) BVI off-shores company structures present the possibilities for money laundering around the Caribbean region.

Florida is best known for its building inspectors on the take, while Kentucky is known for its bookmaking on the Derby thrown in. Nevada has the casino’s, as South Dakota and Alaska set the stage for oil bribery’s.

In Illinois the last two Chicago governors both went to jail for corruption. However, Mississippi is ranked as the number one corrupted state in the USA, and because it is the poorest state in the USA, it’s corruption approach levels of colonized Third World Countries.

The Dutch Caribbean Islands, in particular Curacao, faces all of the above mentioned corrupt issues all @ once. The hunt for one honest public official is useless, as all levels of government services are corrupted to the bone.

In line with white-collar crime, street crime forced most of the islands inhabitants to live in gated communities or be deported to her majesties hub in Holland.

On an island where little functions properly and especially mental poverty is an epidemic, no hope for improvement is acceptable by the rulers behind the curtains.

Tourism flourishes as the on- and offshore money laundering machines and gambling industry works 24/7. For four years the tourism industry was temporarily exempted for value added tax to satisfy the investors.

Corrupt offered building permits and inspectors pave the way for tax-free tourism development projects to take place. Bookmaking and gambling are a social disease that dominate the culture of Curacao.

Most Casino’s and other gambling businesses serve as banks in order to finance illegal drugs trafficking, while sex trafficking assists and serves to back up the cause.

However, public enemy number one, is the useless government seated in Fort Amsterdam, which granted 3.000 offshore gambling permits to the evil empires in the world, in order to make sure money prostitution stays a lucrative business.

After the government sold nearly all of the island’s reachable beaches to developers and hotels to support tourism, the locals can hardly reach their own shorelines on the south coast of the island anymore. Even fisherman are blocked by snorkelers to bring their food to shore @ home.

Meanwhile the local power company, Aqualectra squeezes the society with high energy prices, or bogus bills to battle shortages caused by pirating developers.

All the possible means to extract more money from the society are materialized by the greedy rulers, which explains the blue print for fascist capitalism.

The worldwide oil prices decreased by 60% in 2015, but the local corrupted government had no intention to lower the prices at the gasoline stations in order to compensate the huge budget deficits, caused by the public money sucking tourism industry.

The Tax Collector on the island was ordered by their Dutch superiors to enhance their cash-in methods, menacing locals that they will start executing public properties in order to fill in the financial gaps caused by tourism tax shortages, inflicted and enforced by discriminatory government austerity measures.

Still Curacao’s income fails to even cover basic governments costs, as most rich and business people received tax-holidays and other benefits the local islanders are not entitled to.

The public taxpayers have to carry the costs of the infrastructures for outsiders to collect their huge profits, which causes poverty and structural crime in return.

The 80/20 local employment ruling by law never materialized, for the locals to get low paid jobs. After all the locals are badly educated, developed or corrupted. So that lie is a good or better said perfect excuse for the colonial pirates to hold it against the local society.

Human trafficking rings fill up the employment gabs with illegal slave labor. Low waged Latin Americans now account for over 50% of the total population these days.

The local power and light company, Aqualectra charges average households (4 persons) at least $3.000 per year. By comparison, in the USA, residents pay around $900 for utility costs per year.

For tourism Curacao offers the best, as no limits are implemented for the short-term hauler. Four years of Room tax ended up in the pockets of the CTB, which in return spends millions of tax money on foreign marketing campaigns.

Dutch vacation homes rental businesses proved to be the best investment for outsiders and foreigners, as they are able to cash in without paying a dime in taxes. At the same time real estate speculation drives up property taxes and insurance costs for the locals.

Improving the local environment for the local population has no meaning. Instead jails are built to incarcerate the derailed young and hopeless.

Construction developments are pushed to continue by Dutch, Chinese, Arabs and Colombians, even as about 8.000 ready build houses are empty and not occupied by the islands inhabitants anymore because of the fabricated crisis.

A new law suggests that these empty homes must be made ready and possible for the invasive consumer to buy. Most of the times, organized family feuds are causing delays and misfortunes in these situations.

The Dutch are now setting their eyes on these targets and forced the local government, which is only looking after their own interests (such a life-long guarantee of income if they meet the standards to be eligible), to pass the new ‘pirate’ law for the business to take advantage of.

CHATA is the main tourism engine behind this cultural occupation hoax. They replaced the authority of the government to avoid residential protests for the money laundering machine to operate.

Greedy foreign entities invade and privatize public properties in order to create poverty among the islanders. The confiscation of beaches and other high value real estate is a Anglo Zio-Nazi capitalist formula.

The colonial annexation has been completed, for the highly polluting tourism industry to prevail, using human trafficking rings to supply cheap labor.

Freedom fighters are assassinated, jailed, isolated and mentally tortured for the colonial mission to be completed. This is no joke, but real truth for God’s sake.

Life is a beach.

Mainstreet / ABC Flash Point Home Invasion News 2014.

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31-07-20 21:09

Met behulp van staats propaganda zenders van en, die deugdelijke commentaren van ontevreden lokalen verwijderen om het sentiment te blijven beinvloeden?

Shaka Zulu
Shaka Zulu
Reply to  Methusalem
24-11-21 19:16

Cruise ships are used to smuggle drugs around the Caribbean, ending up in the USA and the EU, where a drugs epidemic is hitting the addicted populations.

11-07-21 19:23

Het eiland wordt aangerand en geprostitueerd door de netwerken uit Den Haag. Groeiende werkeloosheid, terwijl de economie groeit vormt bewijs inzake. Alle mooie stranden worden bezet door hotels en toeristen, waarbij de lokalen de toegang verboden wordt? De hele infrastructuur (wegennet-ziekenhuis-cruiseboot pieren, nieuwe faciliteiten luchthaven, enz) wordt door de belastingbetaler vergoed, terwijl de winsten van de hotels en vakantiewoning verhuur in het buitenland worden gerealiseerd, omdat daar de reizen afgerekend worden en daar geen OB over geheven kan worden. De lokale bevolking worden ter kwader trouw gedeporteerd met de vliegende piratenschepen, op het moment dat de nederzettingen in volle vaart… Read more »

24-11-21 19:14

Some years ago a DEA investigation revealed that Curacao was ranked within the top-5 nations involved in Arms trade and hiding Terrorist Sleeper Cells, while Willemstad itself was reported number one capital in the world regarding drugs trade and money laundering.

Don Chien
Don Chien
Reply to  Kaka
24-11-21 19:19

Human trafficking is also a very imported source of income, letting enslaved low waged, non covered victimized employees, working in the tourism industry, while airlines transport and traffic another kind of human called tourist.

Karl not telling You
Karl not telling You
02-08-23 02:15

From top to bottom, most people do not even realize it?