Last week, the Curacao cruise tourism industry has yet become another victim of the aggressive US military stance against Venezuela.

The ABC Islands are situated along the coast of Venezuela, endangering the various populations in the declared war zone.

The US 4th Fleet has been activated in the Caribbean and Bolton has been preparing to deploy thousands of US ground forces along the borders of Venezuela in Brazil and neighboring Colombia.

The transfer of American special operations forces to Puerto Rico indicate the Pentagon is reinforcing its troops in the region in order to use them in an deployment to remove Maduro from power.

The US War Machine (Pentagon) has been ordered to confiscate Venezuelan oil and gold reserves in order to compensate the huge US budget deficit.

Technically the USA is bankrupt, but as long as the dollar is the main global reserve currency, Washington is able to plunder other nations in order to decrease the $22 trillion debt.

Curacao has fallen victim to geopolitical circumstances and its mass tourism industry has to swallow the economic blows. However, the colonial side effects has caused the youth unemployment rate to rise to almost 30% in 2018.

The so-called autonomous Curacao government is ruled and dictated from The Hague, to create space for the Dutch to settle on the island.

The volume of houses has increased from 50.000 in 2001 to 75.000 in 2017. Most of them are used by Dutch tax-evading businessmen for rental purposes.

The capitalist business society owns the local tax collector billions of dollars in profit, turn-over and income taxes, which is the main cause for the rise in local poverty.

For some reason the PAR government keeps pouring public money into the tourism industry, without any simple return of investment.

Now with the imminent war threat in Venezuela, Curacao has yet another problem to deal with, creating more austerity measures, which results in even more poverty. Most of the local people have been deported to Holland, boarding KLM to their final destiny?

ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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31-05-20 02:03

Venezuelan floating fruit & vegetable market gone, Venezuelan banks and TV channels gone on public broadcasting company TDS (now owned by Flow and bas Kooyman)..

Elizabeth Hemmelgarn
Elizabeth Hemmelgarn
Reply to  baronmaya
31-07-22 15:10

Together with the well behaving Yanks, that kill, wheel, deal and steal for profits. The media will glorify their actions.