The Crimean peninsula is ready to launch a ferry service to the Turkish Black Sea coast. The cargo shipping line will be opened in the fall of 2018.

Negotiations with the freight-shipping agents have been carried out. The Crimean ports involved in the Turkey-Crimea-Turkey ferry line will be announced soon.

Russia to open Black Sea ferry line from Crimea to Turkey

The ferry will first be used for cargo this year, with possible passenger traffic following in 2019. The Crimean peninsula will deliver meat to Turkey, while the latter will ship fruits and vegetables.

Turkey has changed its attitude towards Crimea several times. Last year, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a decree banning all shipments from Crimea, saying that he supported Ukraine’s claim to the peninsula, but political analysts have noted that cooperation with Russia could be much more profitable for Turkey than with Ukraine.

The choice between Ukraine and Russia is quite obvious for Erdogan, because Moscow is both strategically and economically a more promising partner. / ABC Flash Point Business News 2018.

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02-03-22 11:26

The world keeps on turning, beside the racist attitude of the Zionist USA.