According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), this year’s output figures will be reminiscent of the 1930’s Great Depression that would put the world at risk of significantly lowered investments, trade and job numbers.

The IMF’s economic expert, Gita Gopinath, said this week that “the cumulative loss in output relative to the pre-pandemic projected path is projected to grow from $11 trillion over 2020-21 to $28 trillion over 2020-25.

This human disaster represents a severe and unmatched setback to the improvement in average living standards across all country groups. The World Bank has warned that up to 150 million more people may be pushed into extreme poverty by 2021

The IMF backed central banks around the globe for stimulus plans that softened the impact that Covid-19 has had on  the world economy, and warned that an early removal of these support packages could prove disastrous for recovery efforts.

The considerable global fiscal support of close to $12 trillion and the extensive rate cuts, liquidity injections and asset purchases by central banks helped save lives and livelihoods and prevented a more extreme financial catastrophe.

This is the whole idea of the plandemic. It serves the purpose of a global crisis whilst the banking cabal trash the global economy. Who actually loses in this scenario? Same as the great depression in the 1930’s, everyday people. A $28 trillion hole?

Who profits? Yet again those who control, banking, media, tech industries, we know who ((they)) are. Or we can just blame the invisible virus. They’ll switch trash cash to digital dollars, while 5G will trace and track every move. From proximity violations, gathering violations, to up to the minute China trade balances.

You won’t own your own money anymore. Right to protest will be criminalized under incitement to riot. Your kids will belong to the state, they’ll have to take tests regarding their true gender. Religion and alternative media outlets will become terrorism.

The good news is, nobody died. Well, not of Covid-19 anyway. Flu dressed up as something else, car crashes deaths counted as Corona, even Italy, source of the panic claims 88% of its estimates were wrong.

The 28 trillion hole will kill hundreds of thousands in the developing world. As usual the poorest 3 billion on the planet, who earn as much as the richest 300 – will bear the brunt.

It is now just a failed pandemic narrative that some are trying to resuscitate through various and sundry lies and tricks that hold no resemblance to truth or common sense. The global politicians were blackmailed and bought off 10 years ago. You don’t organize this overnight.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Economic News 2020.

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25-10-20 15:43

How to derail the small businesses and poorest countries in the world?

31-03-21 01:30

Bye, bye small businesses?