Over 400 children’s bodies have been discovered on the grounds of a Catholic Church run by nuns in Lanarkshire, southern Scotland.

The children were all residents of an orphanage run by Catholic nuns and were found buried in an unmarked mass grave in a section of St Mary’s Cemetery. The orphanage looked after 11,600 children between 1864 and 1981.

In 2003, former residents Frank Docherty and Jim Kane discovered a burial plot containing the bodies of a number of children who they say were sexually abused before being killed.

Frank and Jim, who both died earlier this year, believed however, that the numbers were far higher as the nuns had indicated their records were incomplete.

The death records indicate that most of the children died of natural causes, from diseases common at the time such as TB, pneumonia and pleurisy.

Analysis of the records show that a third of those who died were aged five or under. Very few of those who died, 24 in total, were aged over 15, and most of the deaths occurred between 1870 and 1930. This way the Catholic Church seems to operate like a criminal enterprise.

Two representatives of the Daughters of Charity gave evidence to the inquiry this summer in which they said they could find no records of any abuse taking place. The nuns refused to respond to detailed questions from reporters about how many people were buried in the mass grave.

Since 1855, there has been a legal duty in Scotland to register a death. Those death records are available for scrutiny at the National Records for Scotland office in Edinburgh. The records contain details such as the name and age of the deceased as well as what they died of and their usual place of residence.

As the Daughters of Charity have previously indicated that children were buried in an unmarked plot at the cemetery, and that their records are incomplete, but now all the bodies are believed to be buried in the graveyard.

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24-01-20 10:41

Burying people must be a lucrative business?