Could the unintended consequences of the Corona-virus kill the movie theater industry? If Hollywood decides to shift its release strategy from theaters to streaming, it could spell the end for major theater chains.

Lots of industries have been affected by the worldwide pandemic of the Corona-virus outbreak, but none as high profile as the brainwashing entertainment industry.

Whether it be Zionist celebrities like Tom Hanks or Idris Elba testing positive for the virus, or major studio productions getting shut down “indefinitely” due to worries of exposure, it has become clear that Hollywood is going to be deeply affected by this outbreak.

This also extends to the major theater chains, who’ve seen big Hollywood releases pushed back and have been forced to shut down to try to limit the social interaction necessary to spread the Corona-virus.

AMC theaters, the biggest movie theater chain in the United States, just announced that they will be closing their facilities for a full 90 days, putting every movie release from March to June in question.

For any industry, three months is a long time to go without revenue. But for Hollywood Studios, who outlay hundreds of millions of dollars for their films, the lack of theater distribution could be catastrophic.

With a three-month distribution gap looming for the industry, studios might decide to put their planned releases on home video instead of pushing back the theatrical releases as a way to entice people to sign up for their services.

There’s already been rumors that the next big Marvel movie, Black Widow, might become a Disney+ exclusive due to its early April release date being canceled because of theater closures.

The unintended consequences of the Corona-virus could have a major impact on the theater business.

Already trying to compete with streaming by offering subscription plans for unlimited theater visits, the major theater chains are constantly trying to convince people to leave the comfort of their homes and come to the theaters.

But this is getting harder to do as home video equipment becomes cheaper and more advanced, and prices of concessions and tickets continue to rise.

Now that the theater chains are in no position to demand the Hollywood Studios not premiere theatrical releases on home video, they are in danger of losing their advantage in the industry.

If the studios can find a way to make more money doing direct-to-video home releases and avoid the expense and hassle of a theatrical release, you can be certain they are going to do it. And if that’s the case, then it could spell disaster for theater chains worldwide.

The question now is: once people get a taste of exclusives coming to digital home video through streaming services, will the theaters be able to compete?

This may cause theater chains to invest more heavily in newer technologies, such as 3D, IMAX, and Screen-X. It may also cause them to increase their services, such as better seating, better food, alcoholic beverages, in-theater dine-in service, and so forth.

But one thing is for certain – if the theater industry doesn’t do something to compete, post-Corona-virus, there’s a good chance that this is one disease they may never recover from.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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23-03-20 01:49

Hollywood Jews are the descendants of so-called lost holocaust victims that changed their names for financial purposes.