A group of Chinese soldiers arrived in Venezuela on Sunday as part of a cooperation program between Beijing and Caracas.

One of the Venezuela’s biggest trade partners and creditors, China, has already opposed foreign interference in Venezuela’s affairs, saying the USA will bear responsibility for sweeping sanctions it imposed.

While crisis-torn Venezuela braces for the impact from the latest US economic sanctions, Venezuela’s trading partners, like China are also at great risk.

After the US regime announced sanctions against Venezuela’s state-owned energy company Petroleos de Venezuela, better known as PdVSA, the fresh restrictions froze $7 billion in assets (held in US bank accounts) and will cause more than $11 billion in lost export revenues throughout the next year.

According to reports, a token force no more than 120 soldiers from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army arrived at Venezuela’s Margarita Island to deliver humanitarian aid and military supplies to the government forces.

However, this move by the Chinese military has not come without heavy criticism from the Trump administration and several Zionist U.S. congressmen. About 80% of the congressmen and congresswoman carry a Israeli passport.

These moves by the Russian and Chinese armed forces appear to be a power play against the U.S. administration, who is actively pushing to remove Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from power.

The USA has also attempted to deliver humanitarian aid to Venezuela from Colombia; however, the Maduro administration contends that the purpose of these deliveries is to transport weapons to the opposition in Venezuela.

ABC Flash Point Latin America News 2019.

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