Malaysia is planning to send back shipping containers filled with plastic waste illegally shipped from other countries to Asia.

The country’s Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin announced this week, that Malaysia won’t continue to be a dumping ground for the developed nations, and those responsible for destroying our ecosystem with these illegal activities are traitors.

“We will fight back. Even though we are a small country, we will not be bullied.” 

The waste-filled containers were shipped to Malaysia from the USA, the UK, Singapore, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Bangladesh.

Developed “Five Eyes” nations frequently export waste to developing nations such as Malaysia. At the moment Nigeria is the world leader in receiving electronic trash from developed countries.

Garbage is traded under the pretext of recycling. Malaysians are forced to suffer poor air quality due to open burning of plastics, which leads to health hazards, polluted rivers, illegal landfills and a host of other related problems.

So far, officials claim to have inspected more than 120 containers of waste shipped from developed nations. Last month, the Southeast Asian nation returned five containers of waste to Spain.

Malaysia has been struggling with foreign waste ever since China banned plastic waste imports last year in an effort to improve its environment.

Although China still allows the import of plastic, paper and scrap metal, it no longer accepts shipments containing plastic waste or recyclables mixed with waste.

However, China’s move has resulted in waste-exporting nations scrambling for new options on where to dispose of their endless supply of trash.

According to Greenpeace, Malaysia is the “new dumping site” for plastic waste from more than 19 countries. Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines have also become common grounds for plastic waste from other countries.

Earlier this month, the governments of 187 countries agreed on a new UN accord with the goal of limiting the export of unsorted plastic waste.

However, the US regime will not participate in the move to add mixed plastic to the Basel Convention, the treaty that regulates the transfer of hazardous materials between borders.

Under the 1989 UN treaty, exporters must receive consent from the governments of importing nations before shipping them contaminated, mixed and not recyclable plastic waste.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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01-03-20 18:24

The world’s secret garbage dump are the poor countries, for the media to make reports how polluting those governments are?? Hypocrisy