China is now well on track to challenge the USA as world’s financial center while still serving as the world’s cheap labor factory floor.

The 140,000 drop in December payrolls was the clearest sign yet that the world’s largest economy is hitting a fresh Covid-19 wall. No “V-shaped” recovery, no inflation and even less risk of Federal Reserve tapering. So sell orders are flying, leaving the US bond market for dead.

CHINA used the Corona-virus pandemic to emerge as a stronger economic power on the global stage, according to a government defense advisor who dubbed their actions as “an act of war.

THE world’s superpowers will be thrown into chaos, the US regime will loosen its grip on global power and the war on terror will end by 2021.

These are among the powerful predictions the world looks set to face as it comes to grip with new powers, financial slowdowns and emerging economies.

The Decade Forecast report, compiled by private-intelligence firm Stratfor, reveals the issues set to emerge across the globe within the next decade.

Some of the predictions have already begun to come true, including that the EU will be hit with a range of problems — like a rise in nationalism and social unrest — and a slowing down of the Chinese economy.

However it predicts many countries face tough times ahead with war, changing politics and declining economies all playing a part in the global shake up that lay ahead.

Islamic militants will continue to be a problem, especially across the Middle East but does reveal militants will remain largely contained b y dominating forces.


Europe’s diverse systems and demographics will continue to place enormous strain on EU’s institutions. National leaders will find themselves under increasing pressure from its people, putting a strain on inter-country relationships.

“The main political tendency will be away from multinational solutions to a greater nationalism driven by divergent and diverging economic, social and cultural forces.

The European Union will never return to full strength following last year’s financial crisis and will remain largely divided for the next decade.

Increased nationalism and a rise in Euro skepticism will also hurt the EU with countries looking at solving their own problems before looking outward.

While the EU will continue to exist, its political and military operations “will be governed primarily by bilateral or limited multilateral relationships that will be small in scope and not binding.

Nations will increasingly adopt protectionist policies as well as look at ways of further securing borders, something which has already begun to take place as Europe grapples with the biggest refugee crisis since World War II.


The world is already beginning to see a decline in the nation states created by Europe across North Africa and the Middle East with the US unable to solve the endless proxy fighting taking place.

Turkey, whose southern border is close to the troubles, will be slowly drawn into the fighting, emerging as both a major regional power and an increasing competitor with Iran. America will look to shore up support with Turkey, which will become a major force across Asia and the Middle East.

Whatever its reluctance, Turkey cannot withstand years of chaos across its border, and there will be no other country to carry the burden.


While it remains a major economic, political and military power, the United States will “be less engaged than the past”, with the powerhouse learning some vital lessons from history.

This in turn will lead it to be more cautious in matters concerning economic and military matters, having “learned the limits of power in trying to pacify hostile countries”.

Instead the US will be more selective with what issues it becomes involved with. It will face major strategic threats with proportional power, but it will not serve the role of first responded as it has in recent years.

Stradfor / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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14-01-21 19:15

Nearly half of the US bonds issued are in Chinese hands?