The Curacao puppet government seated in Fort Amsterdam has decided to definitely close down its lucrative oil refinery, forcing 6.000 employees and their families to find their livelihood somewhere else.

The ISLA refinery was operated by PdVSA from Venezuela, but the Dutch diplomats did their best to cut off all relations with neighboring Caracas, in order to close down the oil refinery.

Earlier the Dutch colonialist invaders pressed the corrupted and crooked PAR/MAN government into aiding the tourist industry by building infrastructure with local tax payers money and handing over the airport (Swiss management) and harbor activities (Dutch management) to foreign capitalist entities.

With the closing of the lucrative oil refinery, the last resource and chapter of government income will disappear together with the entire local born community.

The Gaza style ethnic cleansing project started 20 years ago, when the Dutch lured Curacao into an economic trap by offering them an fake autonomous status.

Meaning that Curacao is now responsible for the fascist decisions made by the political establishment in the Hague.

Now most of the local born children have been deported to the Netherlands, where they can live their lives in the cold blooded and rainy Muslim enhancing environment.

The island of Curacao now belong to the Dutch colonial invaders again, occupying its so-called autonomous territory in order to rake in large tax free profits. Isolated from Venezuela and its own roots, local born traitors have offered their society hell on earth.

Eco terrorists have taken over all the islands pristine beaches for only the tourist industry to profit from. KLM and American Airlines have derailed the income of the local carriers, so only they can double regular airfares.

Curacao has the Sun and is situated outside the Hurricane zone, so the good weather and its Dutch oriented hotels and resorts can plunder themselves into eternity without paying certain public taxes.

The highly polluting airline- and cruise tourism industry are dumping their waste in the pristine local landscape and blue Caribbean Sea, so expensive alcohol serving bars and restaurants are able to pollute the environment.

No problem here, because the fake media will glorify the invasive tax evading establishment.

The Dutch are well known for the invasive mentality and colonial attitudes for their businesses to flourish at the expense of the occupied territories. The Netherlands are second largest narco-state in the world behind the USA.

Curacao is the haven for gambling licenses, human trafficking gangsters and prostitution rings, and now the tourism industry is providing the establishments with worldwide  tourist victims to profit from, under the disguise of development.

So now Curacao is building prisons instead of schools and children playgrounds or local jobs, in order for the colonial dictators and their mind controlled slaves to profit from.

The only local born brave personalities still making a descent living are MLB players, represented in the upcoming World Series Championship and the football squad, founded in 1921, that is qualifying for the CONCACAF Caribbean Nations Cup.

Don’t Dare to Share Community / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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Khazarian Jew
Khazarian Jew
06-07-20 01:48

Creating massive unemployment and needless poverty to an island that was totally dependent on the oil refinery, but with the help of ConocoPhillpis the local government was able to close down the PdVSA activities for over one year, still the Venezuelans paid all the personnel, but could not avoid being dumped by the Dutch politicians from The Hague telling their puppets what to do?

Reply to  baronmaya
26-07-20 13:55

Over 50% unemployment @ the moment, while the Dutch military corals the isolated people?

Reply to  baronmaya
16-11-20 00:58

Choking off society and forcing them to be deported to Europe, claiming they are coming to take advantage of the Dutch security sysstem?

Grietje de Hoer
Grietje de Hoer
25-09-20 12:51

In order for the Dutch to squeeze the population into poverty.