Canada has temporarily shut its embassy in Venezuela, because the elected government in Caracas is refusing to renew visas for hostile Canadian diplomats.

Now, Ottawa is also reviewing the status of Venezuelan envoys to Canada, after the USA bluntly arrested the Venezuelan remaining diplomats and activists in Washington.

Canada has been at the forefront of an international effort to recognize the Venezuelan opposition leader and head of the National Assembly, Juanito Guaido, as the country’s rightful but unelected leader.

Canada announced that it was suspending operations at its embassy in Venezuela over the government’s refusal to accredit Canadian diplomats who had voiced criticism against the democratically elected president Maduro in the Latin American oil-rich country.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said in a statement that Ottawa had no choice left but to suspend its anti-government operations in Venezuela.

Venezuela is currently in the midst of a political and economic crisis, as the country suffers from hyperinflation (sanctions IMF) and massive economic contraction (sanctions USA).

Acute shortages of food and medicine (embargo USA) have led 3 million people to flee the country in recent years.

Only 50 Zionist supported countries (25%) now recognize Guaido as the oil-rich nation’s interim head of state.

However, Maduro and the ruling Socialist Party continue to control state institutions, including the military, state oil company PdVSA and the central bank.

Canada said it would continue to provide consular assistance to Canadians in Venezuela through its embassy in Colombia, following the example of Israel and the hostile US regime.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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18-02-21 00:52

The country that stole most of the Venezuelan gold reserves and won a court case in New York for Caracas to pay them $12 billion compensation fees after they were banned to mine more gold?

Reply to  Ferfelu
26-09-21 23:35

Ridiculous, know we understand why they closed the Embassy and ran away to never come back to be held responsible for the greatest heist on planet earth?