The Federal News Agency (FAN) discovered that several thousand mercenaries from the American private military company Blackwater, had been deployed to the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor to ensure the illegal export of oil from the country by the USA.

The use of PMC’s allows the USA to disguise its extensive military presence in the occupied oil-bearing areas of Eastern Syria, replacing each withdrawn US soldier with several mercenaries from “Blackwater”.

From US military bases in Iraq, the private military contractor (PMC) units are transported through Sinjar and then in the Al-Sfuk area across the border and end up in American-occupied oil-rich areas of Syria.

Apart from the US troops in Syria, we are seeing American mercenaries. They move with weapons, accompanying columns of oil trucks serving ConocoPhillips.

These hostile assassins for hire have at least seven abandoned-by-the-army US Apache helicopters, several dozen M2 Bradley infantry combat vehicles, AH-64, as well as several М777 155-mm howitzers with a range up to 30 kilometers.

In addition, the Federal News Agency had at its disposal the exact coordinates of the location of the existing US military bases.

These military outposts are used not only by US soldiers, but also by mercenaries from the “Blackwater” PMC. All facilities are in close proximity to large oil and gas fields.

At the same time as employees of an American private military company, several convoys with construction equipment necessary for the construction of new US strongholds behind the Euphrates arrived in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor.

At the same time, there are many non-American citizens among these mercenaries. Blackwater’s ranks have been known to consist of many individuals from Latin America, especially Colombia and Uruguay, as well as West Africa – mostly Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, in Deir Ezzor, some members of the PMC are also present, most likely from Iraq. This is confirmed by FAN’s sources among Arab tribes living on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

According to them, American mercenaries terrorize local residents and establish their order in the US-occupied territory of Syria.

The oil stolen from the Syrian fields is sent to the Qamishli area, and from there the columns of fuel trucks follow the Syrian-Iraqi border, which crosses through the Tal Kocher border crossing.

According to data provided by FAN sources in an oil company operating in Iraqi Kurdistan, light oil produced, for example, in the Syrian fields of Al-Omar and Al-Jafra is delivered to Erbil.

Heavy oil is delivered from the Syrian fields around Rmelan in Hasakah to Kirkuk. There, oil is sold as produced by American oil companies in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The territories of Syria and Iraq, where the USA conducts its illegal oil business, are occupied by Kurdish armed gangs.

Yet Kurdish militant groups serve, rather, only as a media screen behind which Americans turn natural wealth belonging to the Syrian people into money in their accounts.

Until the spring of this year, Kurdish terrorists, who nominally control oil and gas fields in north-eastern Syria, spent about 75% of their income from the illegal US oil business.

Both the government in Damascus and Russian representatives, have repeatedly drawn the attention of the world public to these crimes committed by Washington in Syria.

However, the United Nations, still prefer to ignore these facts. Turkey’s “Peace Spring” anti-terrorist operation is therefore an absolutely necessary measure that allows to oust SDF terrorists from parts of the fields in northern Syria.

The area of Turkish troops expands to 200 kilometers deep into Syria, and SDF radicals are ousted from another significant part of the oil sources of the Syrian Euphrates.

Having lost a local guide in the form of Kurdish fighters, the Americans will no longer be able to illegally exploit these oil and gas fields.

Kurdish gangs were nothing more than the brazen plundering of the resources of an independent Syrian Arab Republic that form an essential part of all its national wealth

Ankara, unlike Washington and PKK radicals, is a close neighbor of Syria, which is one of the key participants in the Astana process. In the future it will be much easier for Syrians to negotiate with the Turks than with the Americans if, for example.

Stalker Zone / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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