Black Friday might be the biggest con since the Brexit Leave campaign. According to UK consumer group Which? just one in 20 Black Friday deals are genuine and can be found cheaper (or the same suspicious price) at other times during the year.

Is Black Friday worth all the hype? It seems not… and as we are constantly plagued by scams, fake sales, sneaky promotions and dodgy deals.

The phrase Black Friday originated in Philadelphia in the 1950’s as the local police would describe the vast traffic and chaos on the day after Thanksgiving.

However, Black Friday online shopping in the USA alone last year reached $6.2 billion. From the UK to India many other countries have also embraced the trend in recent years (much to the delight of popular retailers and to the horror of our bank accounts!).

Looking closer and Black Friday just becomes a huge consumer rip-off. Last year every single item from online monster Amazon was the same price (or cheaper) at least once in the six months after the famous Friday.

Consumer rights are still covered by Black Friday such as returns on faulty goods to time frames and return policies on unwanted gifts, but maybe it’s best not to buy anything in the first place.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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