Attempts by Arab states to mend ties with Damascus serve to bolster the Syrian government’s victories on the ground and may well see the West changing its attitude towards the country and the Middle East.

The first sign of a thaw between Syria and its Arab neighbors came earlier in December when Sudanese President Omar Bashir visited Damascus.

It was followed up by a report that the Arab League may readmit Syria into the 22-member bloc in 2019, and the announcement by the UAE that it’s reopening its embassy in the Syrian capital again.

Damascus was kicked out of the Arab League in 2011 as President Bashar Assad was falsely accused of atrocities against his people.

The evil F-UK-US coalition members and supporters of various terrorist groups, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and some other bribed Arab states have been actively pushing for the removal of Assad from power during the years of the deadly Zionist war against Assad.

Syria had previously rejected Arab assistance in post-war reconstruction, saying that the country should not be rebuilt by those who bombed to destroy it. But this may well change, as Damascus may well need any and all help to rebuild the ravaged country.

The Chinese estimated that the total cost of the destruction might run around $500 billion, which must be compensated by those who destroyed the Syrian infrastructure.

With their possible investment, Arab states might also seek to diminish Iran’s influence in the country.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2018. 

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Sephardic Jew
Sephardic Jew
03-07-20 22:12

Zionist fuck-up?